What is special about white wall tires?

The side walls of tires were a fairly generous color of white, and manufacturers used white letters to visually break up a large sidewall, giving it a more athletic look. Tires evolved with shorter sidewalls, and in doing so, steering response was largely improved and free space became more available for large brakes. via

What is the meaning of 185 70R14?

185/70 R14 (88T) is a tyre that is 185mm wide, 70 is the aspect ratio, the depth of the sidewall as a %age of the width, in this case 70% and on a 14 inch rim. The 88T is the load and speed rating. 88T means the tyre can sustain a load of 560kg at a max speed of 190kph (119mph). via

Can I change tyre size on my car?

For a safe upgrade, the tyre size cannot be increased by more than three percent of the car's original total tyre diameter. Any difference of more than three percent is just not recommended. via

Why are all car tires black?

Why are Nearly All Tires Black? The usage of carbon black in tire manufacturing leads to the black color commonly seen in tires today. Carbon black provides a number of unique benefits to the tire helping to create a durable and high-performing tire. via

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