What colors did 1968 Camaros come in?

1968 Camaro Colors

  • Ash Gold.
  • Butternut Yellow.
  • Ermine White.
  • Fathom Blue.
  • Island Teal.
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    What colors did 1969 Camaros come in?

    In 1969, there were seven colors shared: Tuxedo Black, Fathom Green, Burgundy, Cortez Silver, LeMans Blue, Hugger Orange (known on the Corvette as Monaco Orange), and Daytona Yellow. via

    How much is 1968 Camaro worth?

    In 2019, the price of the 1968 Chevrolet Camaro went up, seeing it sell at auction for $330,000. Like all things in 2020, the 1968 Camaro's price was also impacted by the COVID pandemic. This saw it sell at $110,000. Lately, the price has gone up, and the latest 1968 Chevrolet Camaro was sold for $176,000. via

    What is the rarest 1968 Camaro?

    The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 is the rarest Camaro ever built, only one was ever made and without it, we would not have the '68 Chevy Camaro Z/28. The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 was meant to be a track-only car but Vince Piggins wanted more for Camaro, he wanted to sell the Z/28 to the public. via

    How do you tell if a 1968 Camaro is a true SS?

    Unfortunately there are no codes on a '68 Camaro to help identify an SS. A Protect-o-plate can be helpful in identifying a first gen. SS but be careful because there are places that make reproductions of both trim tag and protect-o-plate. via

    What did a 1968 Camaro cost in 1968?

    The 1968 Camaro SS had 5 different versions (mostly engine differences) and ranged in price from $2,881 - $3,539. via

    What engine came in a 1968 Camaro?

    1968 Camaro Engine options were a 230-cid 6 (3.8L), a 302-cid 8 (5.0L) and in the SS/Z28 a 396-cid 8. 7 people found this helpful. The real answer is 302's were only designated for the limited # of Z-28's. SS cars came with either 350's ( 295 hp) and 396's ( I believe 325, 350 and 375 hp). via

    How much is a 1968 Camaro Z28 worth?

    The Worth Of The 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Today

    On Classiccars, a 1968 Z/28 listed in good condition was put at $90,000. On Conceptcarz, the price for a 1968 Z/28 in perfect condition was quoted at between $66,000 to $165,000, while one in a not-so-impressive condition will still attract around $10,000. via

    Where is the paint code on a 67 Camaro?

    Chevy Paint Codes on Chevy-Camaro.com. The paint code indicates the exterior paint color. Color codes for vinyl tops and convertible tops can be found in the Trim Tag Decode section. A two-part code indicates the bottom and top colors respectively. via

    How much did a Camaro cost in 1967?

    Depends on what it had, but the retail on a base coupe was a little over $2450. Around $3000 for retail on an SS. Try firstgencamaro.com for other values. via

    How do you read a 67 Camaro trim tag?

  • A. Model Year Code. Last two digits of the model year.
  • B. Body Build Date Code.
  • C. Body Style Code.
  • D. Assembly Plant Code.
  • E. Fisher Body Number.
  • F. Fisher Body LOS Scheduling Code.
  • G. Interior Trim Code.
  • H. Exterior Paint Code.
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    What does X11 mean on a 1969 Camaro?

    X11 could mean SS350 with Style Trim or base car with Style Trim. via

    Was there a 1968 Z28?

    Only 7,199 Z28 Camaros were built in 1968, and it will be hard to find one nicer than this. This beauty is numbers matching with a 302 small block coupled to the original close-ration 4 speed. Among a host of options, the Camaro came with power brakes and boasts the original Ermine White paint color. via

    How many Camaros did they make in 1968?

    Remember, there were 235,247 Camaros sold in 1968, including 16,927 V-8 convertibles. via

    What is the rarest muscle car ever built?

    What are the rarest muscle cars? The Shelby Cobra Super Snake and the Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake are the rarest muscle cars ever built. Both were launched in 1967, both are made by Shelby, and both carry the Super Snake moniker. via

    What is the difference between a 1967 and 1968 Camaro?

    1967 and 1968 are typically a little harder to tell apart, but it can be done. Additionally, the 1967 does not have side marker lamps; the 1968 has large rectangular side marker lamps (lower in the front) and the 1969 side marker lamps will have a more slender rectangular shape (higher in the front). via

    What makes a 68 Camaro an SS?

    1968 Production

    L34, Camaro SS; includes special hood, black accented grille and ornaments, sport striping, hood insulation, special red stripe tires, special suspension, bright engine accents, SS emblems on fenders, grille and fuel filler cap; with 350-hp Turbo-Jet 396cid engine. via

    Is a 1968 Camaro an a body?

    The F-body was shared with the Pontiac Firebird for all generations. A 230 cu in Chevrolet straight-6 was standard, with several Chevy V8s available as options. The first-generation Camaro was built through the 1969 model year. 50.9 in (1,293 mm) (MY1969 conv.)
    Production numbers.

    Base: 159,087
    Z28: 7,199
    Total: 235,147


    Where is the build sheet on a 1968 Camaro?

    The build sheet is often located either over the gas tank or behind or under the rear seat. via

    What is my Camaro worth?

    Make Avg Price YoY
    2019 Chevrolet Camaro $37,655 -1.73%
    2020 Chevrolet Camaro $35,926 -3.69%
    2021 Chevrolet Camaro $45,668 -2.17%
    2022 Chevrolet Camaro $56,832 0.00%


    Did the 1968 Camaro come with a big block?

    The Camaro's engine compartment had been designed to accommodate Chevy's 396 big-block, and easily accepted the 325-horsepower L-35 motor, later joined by the 375-horsepower L-78 big-block. Standard transmission for first-year Camaros was a column-mounted three-speed manual, with a floor-mounted four-speed optional. via

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