Is a Plymouth Satellite a muscle car?

Plymouth has hit the bull's-eye with their Satellite Roadrunner, it is a true Muscle Car from the Era. As one of the last true Muscle Cars the Roadrunner can measure himself with the Dodge Charger or Pontiac GTO. via

What is a 1967 Plymouth Satellite worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $90,200
Hardtop Coupe $16,500


What motor was in the Plymouth Satellite?

The 1966 redesigned Satellite was available with a "Street Hemi" engine with two 4-barrel carburetors and 10.25:1 compression. This engine was rated at 425 hp (317 kW) at 5,000 rpm and 490 lb⋅ft (664 N⋅m) of torque at 4,000 rpm. via

How much does a 1968 Plymouth Satellite weigh?


Engine Location : Front
Drive Type : Rear Wheel
Production Years for Series : 1965 - 1974
Price : $2,545-$3,210
Weight : 3008 lbs | 1364.406 kg


What is the difference between a Plymouth Satellite and Belvedere?

The Plymouth Belvedere became a separate product line in 1954; from 1954 to 1959, the Belvedere was considered a unique Plymouth model, but was essentially a trim-line of the basic Plymouth car, along with the Plaza, Cambridge, and Cranbrook. via

What was the Dodge version of the Plymouth Belvedere?

Its American equivalent was the Plymouth Belvedere. It was based on the Plymouth. The Mayfair name first appeared as a 2-door hardtop in the 1951 Dodge Regent series, just as the Belvedere appeared in the Cranbrook series. via

How long is a 1968 Plymouth GTX?

According to the ProfessCars™ estimation this Plymouth would accelerate 0-60 mph in 5.3 sec, 0-100 km/h in 5.6 sec and quarter mile time is 14 sec. This car is 5149 mm / 202.7 in long, 1941 mm / 76.4 in wide and 1349 mm / 53.1 in high. via

How wide is a 1969 Plymouth GTX?

Length: 5149 mm / 202.7 in
Width: 1941 mm / 76.4 in
Height: 1356 mm / 53.4 in
Height with roof rails or antenna:
Wheelbase: 2946 mm / 116 in


What is the difference between a Plymouth Satellite and a Plymouth Road Runner?

The Road Runner had a different hood and cold air induction was available, not so on other models. In short, The Satellite models had more chrome and stainless steel trim, the interiors were more fancy and they had a softer suspension for a smoother ride. via

How much did a 1968 Road Runner cost new?

Base price was $2,870, skinned down to a rubber floor mat and non-pleat taxicab interior. A total of 29,240 buyers bought the coupe and a further 15,359 stepped up for the two-door hardtop – which was added mid-year – for the 44,559 total. via

What engine was in the 1968 Plymouth GTX?

The GTX was positioned as a "gentleman's" muscle car. Standard was Plymouth's 440 cu in (7.2 L) V8 engine called the "Super Commando 440" rated at 375 Horsepower. Optional was Chrysler's 426 cu in (7.0 L) Hemi with 425 Horsepower. via

What year was the best Plymouth GTX?

Car and Driver said the 1967 GTX “is without a doubt the best-handling big Plymouth yet”. And who could argue? With a 0 to 60 time of 6.0 seconds and a quarter mile run time of 14.4 seconds, the 440 Super Commando GTX had what it took to take on the Pontiac GTO and Ford Fairlane. via

What is the difference between a 1969 Plymouth GTX and a roadrunner?

GTX & Roadrunner Were Trims Of The Same Car

But essentially, they were the same cars. So even in 1968, the Roadrunner and the GTX looked the same, only, the price was different because the Roadrunner was as basic as the GTX was luxurious. via

What is an A-body Plymouth?

The Chrysler A platform was the basis for smaller rear wheel drive cars in the 1960s. These cars are sometimes referred to as A-body cars. Cars using the A platform in various markets around the world include: 1960-1976 Plymouth Valiant. via

What body style is a Plymouth Satellite?

Plymouth introduced its Satellite model in 1965 as the top-trim level in the 'B' platform Belvedere line. Initially offered as a two-door hardtop and convertible body style, it remained the top-trim level until the 1967 model year, when it was dethroned by the GTX. via

What kind of car does Angel Drive?

Angel's car is a Black 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX convertible. via

How much horsepower does a Plymouth GTX have?

Synopsis. The Plymouth GTX used in The Fate of the Furious is equipped with a supercharged 7.2L V8 engine paired with a 4-speed manual transmission that produces 2000 hp (1491 kW) and 1615 ft·lb (2190 N·m), making it the most powerful car in the Forza series. via

How many 1968 Plymouth GTX convertibles were made?

A total of 17,914 hardtops, but only 1,026 convertibles were sold. The 425 bhp, 426 Street Hemi was optional, though it was only fitted to 410 hardtops and about 36 convertibles. via

What was the Plymouth version of the Dodge Charger?

Dodge Charger (1981)

Dodge Charger (Chrysler L-body Cars)
Manufacturer Dodge (Chrysler)
Also called Plymouth Turismo
Production October 1981–1987
Model years 1982-1987


How fast was the Plymouth Road Runner?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 213 km/h / 132 mph


How many A12 Roadrunners were built?

Production of the A12 Road Runner finished after 615 were built, 227 with automatics and 388 with 4-speed manuals. Color options for the Road Runner included Performance Red, Bahama Yellow, Rallye Green and Vitamin C Orange. via

Are Plymouth Road Runners rare?

Only about 7,000 of these cars were built, which makes them relatively rare on the roads today. The Road Runner gets its name from its horn, which makes the sound “beep beep,” much like the Road Runner on the Loony Tunes cartoon shows. via

What is the value of a 1968 Plymouth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Coupe $50,000
Hardtop Coupe $29,700


What engine did the 1968 Road Runner have?

ENGINE. Two potent V-8 engines were available in the Road Runner for '68: the standard, 335-hp B-series big-block, which used heads, cam, and exhaust manifolds from the Super Commando 440, and the legendary 425-hp, Hemi. via

What kind of car did Daisy Duke Drive in The Dukes of Hazzard?

Daisy Duke's original car was a yellow 1974 Plymouth Road Runner. It was destroyed when it careened over a cliff, after the accelerator got stuck and the brakes went out, as Sheriff Rosco P. via

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