What is a Pontiac executive?

The Pontiac Executive is an automobile model that was produced by Pontiac from 1967 to 1970. via

What is does the 2+ 2 stand for on Pontiac?

Perceiving a niche for a lower-priced sporty version of its big B-body, Pontiac added the “2+2” option package for the mid-range Catalina coupe and convertible for 1964. The $291 package essentially added bucket seats, special trim, and heavy-duty suspension. via

Did a Pontiac Tempest have independent rear suspension?

While the Thompson and Royal Pontiac Tempests used a conventional drivetrain and solid rear axle, Pontiac made the radical choice to keep the transaxle and independent rear suspension. The unusual driveshaft was retained, since it needed to transmit only engine torque, not output from a transmission. via

How many years did Pontiac make the tempest?

Innovative mechanical designs, intriguingly detailed styling and pure Pontiac power combined to stir up the market and make the original 1961-1963 Tempest and Le Mans into critical (Motor Trend magazine's 1961 Car of the Year) and popular (over 375,500 sold) successes. via

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