How much is a Mercury Monterey worth?

The value of a used 2004 Mercury Monterey ranges from $757 to $3,439, based on vehicle condition, mileage, and options. Get a free appraisal here. via

What was the last year for the Mercury Monterey?

Following the 1974 model year, Mercury discontinued the Monterey, consolidating its full-size range down to the Marquis and Colony Park station wagon. For 2004, the Monterey nameplate was revived, becoming the counterpart of the Ford Freestar minivan; it was produced through the 2007 model year. via

What years did Mercury make the Monterey?

The Mercury Monterey is a full-size car model introduced by the Mercury division of the Ford Motor Company in 1952. It would later share the same body style with the slightly more upscale Marquis, and the Park Lane and Montclair until the latter two were extinguished after the 1968 model year. via

How long is a 1963 Mercury Monterey?


Seating Capacity : 5
Doors : 2
Length : 215.0 in | 5461 mm.
Wheelbase : 120.0 in | 3048 mm.


What is value of 1954 Mercury Monterey?

The sedan was priced at $2,115, while the coupe cost $2,225, and the convertible was the most expensive Monterey at $2,370. In all 24,453 Monterey coupes were sold and 5,261 convertibles. via

How much is a 54 Mercury worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $46,200
HardTop Coupe $26,125
Sedan $16,700
Sun Valley HardTop $36,850


Does Mercury make a minivan?

The Mercury Villager is a minivan that was marketed by the Mercury division of Ford.

Mercury Villager
Manufacturer Mercury (Ford) Nissan
Also called Nissan Quest
Production 1992–2002


How much horsepower does a 1953 Mercury have?

3) (model since December 1952 for North America U.S.). Detailed engine characteristics.

Production/sales period of cars with this particular specs: December 1952 - December 1953
Horsepower gross: 93.2 kW / 127 PS / 125 hp (SAE)
/ 3800
Torque gross: 296 Nm / 218 ft-lb
/ 1700


What kind of car is a Montclair?

Mercury Montclair
Class Full-size
Body style 2-door coupe 4-door sedan 2-door convertible 2-door hardtop 4-door hardtop
Layout FR layout
Related Lincoln Capri Lincoln Premiere Mercury Monterey Mercury Medalist Mercury Custom


What is the s55 Mercury?

Developed as a performance-oriented version of the mid-level Mercury Monterey, the S-55 was the largest vehicle of the Mercury "S" (Special) range introduced in 1962; its Ford equivalent was the Ford Galaxie 500XL and competed in the full-size luxury sport coupe market segment against the Chrysler 300H. via

What is the Mercury logo?

With nicknames like the “waterfall,” “winding road,” and “hockey stick,” the emblem took on multiple meanings, including being a depiction of Mercury's winged helmet. The three-arc design suggests mobility. It remained silver until it was retired, the color of the element Mercury. via

Does a Marauder have supercharger?

Instead of the prototype's supercharged engine, the Marauder got a variation of the naturally aspirated, aluminum DOHC, 32-valve V-8 used in the 2002 Lincoln Aviator and 2003 Mustang Mach 1. via

Did the Mercury Marauder come with a supercharger?

The Marauder was first shown at the 1998 SEMA show as a concept car where Mercury stuffed it with a 4.6-Liter supercharged V8 engine generating 335 HP and 355 lb-ft of torque. The car debuted in 2003 with some tweaks like added black paint, installed blacked-out grille, fog lamps, and bigger wheels. via

How long do Previas last?

the owner of two Previa

Maintenance can be a little expensive but hay its a Toyota. It's a great car,very reliable, durable, dependable and are known to last at least 300,000 miles on same tranny and engine. via

What was the first minivan ever made?

In late 1983, the first minivan rolled off out the factory at Chrysler. The Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan transformed mobility for the suburban American family. via

Are Mercury good cars?

The model got an average of 4.5 out of 5.0, with 90% of the owners recommending the vehicle. One user who reviewed the vehicle in 2020 even said the Mariner is “the best car I've ever owned!” Many users praised the Mariner's features and tendency to be low maintenance. via

When did they stop making Mercury?

Ford completely phased out the Mercury brand in 2011, as the company refocused its marketing and engineering efforts solely on the Ford and Lincoln brands. “Mercury has been a tremendous line for Ford Motor Company because it filled the niche between our Ford and Lincoln lineups,” said Kreipke. via

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