Who made reliant k car?

Chrysler Corporation

Dodge Aries Plymouth Reliant
Manufacturer Chrysler Corporation
Also called Dodge Dart K/Plymouth Valiant Volare K (Mexico) Dodge Michigan (Japan)
Production October 1980 – December 1988
Model years 1981–1989


Who made Reliant Robin engine?

Designed by Ogle Design Ltd (under the code name TW8) the Robin was powered by a water cooled four-cylinder 750cc engine that yielded 32 bhp. The vehicle had a complete fiberglass body attached to a box steel chassis and featured a rear opening window that was soon a trend to be used on cars world wide. via

Can you drive a Reliant Robin on a car licence?

On the thorny subject of driving licences, Twizy can obviously be driven on a full car licence (even an 'automatic only' one) OR a motorcycle licence IF it was obtained before 2001: this 'grandfather' rule gave the entitlement to category B1 'quadricycles. via

What year was the K car made?

So, in 1981, the first generation of K-cars entered the market - with the Plymouth Reliant and the Dodge Aries offering improvements over previous models. via

How much was ak car new?

The key to the K was that it cost a billion dollars to develop, but the first spin-off car only cost about $50 million. via

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