What transmission does a 300ZX have?

The transmissions were a 5-speed manual or an optional 4-speed automatic (all Z31 automatics were the E4N71B equipped with torque-converter lockup including turbo models). via

Is a 1990 Nissan 300ZX a good car?

From the Archive: With its sleek styling, excellent cabin, and rewarding driving dynamics, even the standard version of Nissan's new Z car is seriously good. via

How can I tell if I have a CD009 transmission? (video)


When was the CD009 used?

What Cars Have The Cd009 Transmission? Originally shipped in the 05-06 350Z, 05-06 G35 Sedan, and 05-07 G35 Coupe, the CD009 transmission was the final revision to the VQ35DE RWD transmission. In addition to stronger synchros, this revision also introduced a few small design changes. via

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