What generation is a 1998 Ford Explorer?

Second generation

Second generation (UN105/UN150)
Wheelbase 1995–97 5-door: 111.5 in (2,832 mm) 1998–2001 5-door: 111.6 in (2,835 mm) 1995–99 3-door: 101.7 in (2,583 mm) 2000–03 3-door: 101.8 in (2,586 mm)


Are 2nd Gen explorers reliable?

Explorer owners have made 940 complaints about the 1995–2001 model years. Using our PainRank™ system we've ranked it 76th out of 94 Ford generations in overall reliability , with some transmission and engine concerns. via

Why is Ford Explorer rear wheel drive?

Why Did the Sixth-Generation Ford Explorer Switch to Rear-Wheel Drive? Ford's engineers say that the rear-drive chassis offers a newfound sense of balance thanks to its improved weight distribution, and Explorer loyalists that have test driven the sixth-generation vehicle concur. via

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