How do you clean a IAC valve?

How do you clean an IAC valve? After relocating the IAC valve, you need to unscrew it and detach all the wires. You can clean it by soaking it in gasoline and blowing compressed air into it. Then, reattach it with the screws and reconnect the wires. via

How do you clean the idle air control valve on a Honda?

Use needle-nose pliers to pull back the clamp that holds the coolant hose in place and then pull the hose out. This will provide enough slack to pull the Honda idle air control valve to the front so you can completely remove it. Detach the last 2 hoses from the IACV in order to free it for cleaning. via

How do you calibrate an IAC valve? (video)

Where is the idle air control valve on a 1999 Honda Accord? (video)

What causes a P0507 code?

The P0507 code is triggered when the Engine Control Module (ECM) detects that the engine is idling higher than the specified idle RPM range. The standard engine idle is usually between 600-800 RPM depending on the model of the vehicle. via

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