What size battery does a Harley Davidson Sportster take?

The HDX14L fits the following Harley Davidson Models; Sportster 2004-2016, Nightster 2007-2016, Iron 2009-2016, Forty Eight 2010-2016, Seventy Two 2012-2016, Superlow 2011-2016 and XR 2011-2016. via

Do you need to charge a new motorcycle battery before use?

Know that when purchasing a new battery, you should expect to spend some time charging before use. It's good to plan for an overnight charge; just in case! Keep reading for advice on how to charge a battery and what to expect from your new, or old, motorcycle battery. via

How many volts should my Harley battery have?

A 12V battery gives energy ranging from 10.5V when connected to load with dimmed lights to 14V when charged fully. There will be voltage fluctuations as per the charging or discharging states the battery has undergone. via

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