Is there a sensor inside the transmission?

The Transmission Input Speed Sensor

This sensor measures the revolutions per minute or RPMs of the input shaft. As the Torque convertor sends the proper pressure to the clutches and planetary gear assembly the car begins to move. via

Can a car run without a transmission sensor?

Depends on which sensors you're talking about. If it's the wheel speed sensors (like for the ABS) the car will run but the ABS system won't be able to do its job. If we're talking about any engine sensors, the engine MIGHT still run, but it will likely run poorly or throw a check engine light. via

How many sensors are on a transmission?

Typically, two sensors communicate the transmission data to the vehicle's powertrain control module. The first sensor, referred to as the input sensor, monitors the speed of the transmission's input shaft. The second sensor is the output sensor, which monitors the output shaft speed. via

Can I drive my car without the speed sensor?

Can you drive with a bad speed sensor? In general, it is unsafe to drive a vehicle with a broken wheel speed sensor. The car's computer will not be able to determine the speed that your vehicle is traveling, so it might apply the brakes at a faster rate than necessary or increase the engine power. via

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