What causes power steering fault?

Different steering systems run into different problems that cause a power steering assist fault. Usually, the problem is caused by either the hydraulic fluid or an electrical malfunction. Depending on the cause of the problem, you have to deal with the power steering failure accordingly. via

Why is my steering wheel hard to turn when it rains?

The issues you're experiencing are commonly caused by an exposed wire that is shorting when introduced to moisture or ignition problems that temporarily shut down electrical power to important components. via

How do you check a power steering pressure switch? (video)


What causes pressure build up in power steering pump?

This is most often caused by an air leak. Air is sucked in to the P/S system compressed with the fluid and then expands when it reaches the reservoir causing an unintended pressure build up in reservoir. via

How do you bleed a Chevy power steering pump? (video)


Why does my power steering go out when I go through a puddle?

Hello, it has to be checked out for sure, but often times, the water gets in the way of the belt and pulley of the power steering pump, and causes slipping. If this happens, the pump can't produce power assistance for the steering system. Check underneath the front of the vehicle. via

What signs can indicate damage to steering system components?

The 5 warning signs of steering problems

  • Difficulty steering the wheel. You will know how much resistance your steering wheel will normally take when turning it.
  • Steering wheel vibrations.
  • Slipping steering wheel.
  • Grinding or screeching noise when steering.
  • Discoloured liquid coming from the car.
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