Where is the crankshaft position sensor located on a 2000? (video)


Where is the crank sensor in Honda? (video)


Can I bypass a crankshaft sensor?

No. You just cannot bypass the crankshaft sensor, the car will crank but will not start. The DME needs to see this signal in correlation with the cam sensor for start up and fuel injection sequence. via

How do you change a crankshaft sensor on a 2001 Honda Civic? (video)


How do you trick a crank sensor? (video)


Will a car start with crank sensor unplugged?

What Happens If I Unplug A Camshaft Position Sensor? The answer is yes. Neither the cam shaft (or crankshaft sensor) nor computer will begin operating if it doesn't receive a signal from them, so we don't want to damage or disable it. A broken cam bolt or gear will probably be the cause of the lack of signal. via

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