How much is a Volkswagen Beetle catalytic converter worth?

The average cost for a Volkswagen Beetle catalytic converter replacement is between $1,348 and $1,383. Labor costs are estimated between $137 and $172 while parts are priced at $1,211. via

What is the book value on a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?

2000 Volkswagen New Beetle Value - $454-$2,153 | Edmunds. via

How much is a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta catalytic converter worth?

A Volkswagen Jetta Catalytic Converter Replacement costs between $1,669 and $1,707 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. via

What are junk catalytic converters worth?

This varies by car and the condition of your catalytic converter. Still, on average, scrap catalytic converters are worth between 300 $ to 1500 $ when sold as scrap at your local wrecking service. In today's world, catalytic converters are no longer being sold as part of a car. via

Is the 2000 VW Beetle reliable?

The 2000 Volkswagen Beetle Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5. It ranks 12th out of 32 for all car brands. via

Where is the engine in a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?

The New Beetle mounts a water-cooled engine up front that powers the front wheels. The original Beetle used an air-cooled engine mounted in back that powered the rear wheels. The New Beetle is thoroughly modern. It is built on the same basic platform as the Volkswagen Golf. via

How many gears does a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle have?

Beetle RSi (2001–2003)

It included a 224 PS (165 kW; 221 hp) 3.2-litre VR6 engine, a 6-speed gearbox, and Volkswagen's four-wheel drive system 4motion, Remus twin-pipe exhaust. via

Is a 2000 Beetle rear wheel drive?

The New Beetle mounts a water-cooled engine up front that powers the front wheels. via

Why did VW discontinue the Beetle?

Sales performance & buyer preference – The main reason why VW stopped making the Beetle is sales performance. The original Beetle ended production in 2003, with declining demand being cited by Volkswagen as the reason for this. via

Does the VW Beetle come in AWD?

We'll give you a hint—no, the Beetle does not come available with AWD. via

Are Beetles RWD?

With 21,529,464 produced, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made.
Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle Type 1
Class Compact car, economy car
Body style 2-door saloon 2-door convertible
Layout Rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout


Why was the VW Beetle so popular?

It was cheap to own, great on gas, and easy to fix. The Beetle was a lightweight and fun to drive car at a time when cars were extremely heavy and over-sized, and this created a market that had been untapped up until the Beetle came onto the scene. via

Are Volkswagen Beetles safe?

Something that can be said to be unequivocally impressive is the level of crash protection offered by the Beetle, as it scored the full five stars when Euro NCAP assessed it back in 2011. A 92% adult occupant rating is a very strong result, as is a 90% child occupant score. via

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