What is the secondary air injection system malfunction?

Code P0410 is the result of the Engine Control Module (ECM) indicating a malfunctioning Secondary Air Injection System. This happens when the O2 sensor does not accurately detect the changes in the O2 level of the exhaust while the air injection system is functioning. via

Where is the secondary air injection system located?

The secondary air injection pump is usually located on the engine or at least in the engine bay. It can sometimes be hidden deep into the engine bay, but mostly you will find it installed pretty visible on the engine. via

What controls the secondary air pump?

The secondary-air shut-off valve ensures that secondary-air is only routed to the exhaust manifold in the cold starting phase. Secondary-air valves are either actuated by a vacuum controlled by a solenoid switching valve or open in response to the pressure of the secondary-air pump. via

How do you test a secondary air injection system?

  • Loosen the connecting hose on the secondary air non-return valve leading to the secondary air pump.
  • If there are deposits on this side of the valve (finger test, see Fig.
  • Inspect the secondary air pump and replace it if necessary.
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    How do I know if my air pump is working?

  • Engine is running rough. One of the first symptoms of a bad or failing smog pump is a rough running engine.
  • Reduced horsepower.
  • Check Engine Light comes on.
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    Does secondary air pump run all the time?

    During a cold start, the secondary air pump may only be in operation for a maximum of 90 – 120 seconds. The secondary air pump is not designed for continuous use! via

    What is the function of a secondary air pump?

    What Does a Secondary Air Pump Do? The secondary air injection pump (also referred to as a smog pump or SAI pump) is responsible for lowering the number of carbon emissions that come out of the tailpipe of a vehicle. This is necessary since a vehicle engine is never 100% efficient in the combustion process. via

    How do you know if your air pump valve is bad?

  • Illuminated Check Engine Light.
  • Increased Tailpipe Emissions.
  • Damage to Other Parts of the AIR System.
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    How do you clean a secondary air injection valve?

    The basic procedure is to put solvent and compressed air into the SAI system on the top of the engine and clean the ports from the bottom until air runs freely through the passages. The supplies you will need two bottle of carburetor cleaner. via

    What does the secondary air tank supply? (video)


    How do you test an air injection check valve? (video)


    How do you diagnose a random misfire?

  • With so many systems, it's hard to find the source of a misfire.
  • Automotive scan tool.
  • Take a flashing Check Engine Light as a warning sign.
  • Carefully check the condition of your spark plugs.
  • Obstructed fuel injectors will cause a misfire.
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    What is a air pump relay?

    The relay controls high current to the AIR pump integral bypass valve, allowing the PCM driver to control low current used by the relay. via

    What is P1416 code?

    Answer: P1416 indicates a fault with your Yukon's Secondary Air Injection (AIR) system on Bank 2 (engine side on which cylinder 2 is located) of the engine. via

    How do I fix code P0491?

  • Replacing any damaged wiring, connectors, or other electrical components.
  • Replacing the secondary air injection pump.
  • Replacing the pump's one-way check valve.
  • Repairing or replacing any damaged vacuum hoses or fittings which could be causing a vacuum leak.
  • Replacing pump fuses.
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    How does a secondary air injection work?

    Secondary air injection systems pump outside air into the exhaust stream so unburned fuel can be burned. Early air systems have a belt-driven air pump. Newer aspirated air systems use the vacuum created by an exhaust pulse to pull air into the pipe. The latest systems use an electric motor to pump air. via

    Where does a secondary air injection system deliver its air supply when the engine is at operating temperature?

    The secondary air pump must draw in ambient air and inject it into the exhaust gas manifold downstream of the exhaust valves. via

    What is the purpose of injecting secondary air into the exhaust ports during warm up?

    Secondary air injection (commonly known as air injection) is a vehicle emissions control strategy introduced in 1966, wherein fresh air is injected into the exhaust stream to allow for a fuller secondary combustion of exhaust gases. via

    Can smog pump misfire?

    Can A Secondary Air Pump Cause A Misfire? If your secondary air pump does not turn on when the MAF sensor is faulty, it will be due to a faulty sensor. It can result in a rich condition, which can cause misfires and other problems. via

    What does an air pump check valve do?

    A pneumatic check valve, or air check valve, allows the flow of air in and prevents it from going out. They are often simply just called one way air valves. The most common application is for an air compressor. They allow the compressor to keep certain parts pressurized and other parts de-pressurized. via

    What does SAP do e46?

    The primary purpose of the secondary air pump (SAP) is to reduce harmful emissions. Hydrocarbon (HC) and Carbon monoxide (CO) gasses are the two main gasses which contribute to smog. via

    What does secondary air pump do on BMW? (video)


    What does a Subaru air pump do?

    The Air Pump Valve's Purpose

    This allows the air and exhaust fumes to combine in the exhaust in a process that burns unused fuel and decreases your vehicle's emissions. Thus, your Subaru's air pump valves help keep your vehicle environmentally friendly. via

    How does water get into secondary air pump?

    A leaking valve causes exhaust gas to enter the secondary air system. The water from exhaust condensation travels through the entire secondary air injection system and if the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius the water will freeze. In most cases the water causes the air pump to corrode. via

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