What size is the wiper blades on a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle?

Volkswagen Beetle Wiper Size Chart

Year Driver Side Passenger Side
2003 21" 21"
2002 21" 21"
2001 21" 21"
2000 21" 21"


How do I know what wiper blades will fit my car?

Check Your Manual: Your vehicle's manual should tell you what size wiper blades you need for each side and could even recommend a brand. Some vehicles have different size requirements for the driver and passenger sides, so read carefully before replacing the blades. via

What's the difference between A and B windshield wipers?

A is for drivers side (sometimes passenger side as well if specified). B is for passenger side. The B blades has a greater curvature to better sweep the windshield. via

What size are VW Beetle windshield wipers?

Volkswagen Beetle Wiper Size

The Volkswagen Beetle wiper blade sizes are a 22" driver's side blade and a 22" passenger's side blade. via

What are the letter on wiper blades?

"oe" is original equipment. It may vary by vehicle, but "a" is driver side, and sometimes fits passenger also. "B" is for passenger side only . Jim L. via

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