How long do Camaro spark plugs last?

Your Camaro's spark plugs do not need to be replaced often. They can last up to 100,000 miles and still function optimally. Spark plugs are one of those car components that you tend to forget are even there. via

How much does it cost to replace spark plugs on a 6 cylinder Camaro?

The average cost for a Chevrolet Camaro spark plug replacement is between $320 and $383. Labor costs are estimated between $232 and $293 while parts are priced between $88 and $90. via

How much is a tune up for Camaro?

However, a more specialized tune up involving the combustion engine, a brake service, clutch service, transmission service, air conditioning service, or hoses inspection can run anywhere from $200 to $800. via

How much does it cost to tune a Camaro?

If you're running mostly stock and just want better performance you can buy a hand held tuner, or have some mild tuning from a shop and it wont be as expensive. Like someone else said, $500 is pretty average for a dyno tune. If you're running a racing engine expect to pay more. via

Do Camaros have problems?

Engine Problems

Chevrolet Camaro owners and lessees submitted several engine-related complaints to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to these complaints, engine problems include unintended acceleration, engine surging, rough idling and excessive oil consumption. via

How much HP does tuning add?

Unlock More Torque with a Tune

' A 'tune' is a device that will update your car's ECU or computer and give it different instructions on how to deliver power to the engine. You will unlock your engine's full capacity with this tune. It can add 15-30 horsepower and 20-30 lb-ft of torque on most basic cars. via

Can you tune a Camaro?

Yes, it's possible to tune the Camaro SS from 2019, but you'll need the right tuner for the job. DiabloSport has the greatest range of compatible Camaro SS models, including the 2019 model. You'll need their inTune i3 performance programmer 8245 or the 8246 version. via

How much is a E85 tune?

450-600 is the going rate for an E85 tune. The only places I would do it at in SoCal are Cunningham Motorsports in Murrieta, Accelerated Racing Solutions in Rancho Cucamonga and New Era Performance in Agoura Hills. via

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