How do you test a Volvo fuel pump relay? (video)

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 2001 Volvo v70?

Take black part of lower dash off on drivers side, held by 2 Torx screws (can't remember size. You'll see the bottom of the cem, on this will be 2 relays together if you have front fogs, or just one of you don't. This is the fuel pump relay and fog light relay. via

How do you check the fuel pump on a Volvo 240? (video)

How do you remove a fuel pump from a Volvo 240? (video)

What makes a fuel pump relay go bad?

Dust, electrical power surge, and other factors can cause a fuel pump relay to go bad. Dust and sudden voltage increases can affect a fuel pump relay's performance and cause an engine to malfunction. via

What is reset fuel pump?

The switch will usually come with a reset button that will reactivate the fuel pump if the switch was tripped. The fuel pump switch is an electrical component, and just the same as the rest on the vehicle, over time it can wear out and develop issues. via

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