Is a 2003 Toyota Celica fast? (video)

What is the value of a 2003 Toyota Celica GT?

2003 Toyota Celica Value - $956-$4,054 | Edmunds. via

Is the Toyota Celica GTS reliable?

The company consistently finishes high in our Reliability Surveys, and the Celica has always been well received in JD Power surveys, rated the best coupe in 2006 and in the top 20 overall in 2005. According to Warranty Direct, problems with the Celica are rare, but half of them come from the suspension. via

How many miles does a 2003 Toyota Celica last?

A well-maintained Celica can last 250,000 to 300,000 miles if you don't abuse it. If you average 15,000 miles per year like most American drivers, you can expect the car to serve you for 16-20 years. via

Are Toyota Celica GT fast?

The Toyota Celica Celica GT-S (Mk7) has a top speed of 140mph. While that's way below the top speed of some of the fastest cars ever made, It's faster than many mass-produced cars like the Honda Accord (116mph) and the Toyota Corolla (117mph). via

What generation is a 2003 Toyota Celica?

Seventh generation (2000-2006)

This Celica came in two trim levels, the GT powered by a 1.8 L 4-cylinder 140 hp 1ZZ-FE engine and the GT-S powered by a 1.8 L 4-cylinder 180 hp 2ZZ-GE engine co-developed with Yamaha. via

Is the 2003 Toyota Celica AWD?

The Used 2003 Toyota Celica comes with front wheel drive. Available transmissions include: 5-speed manual, 4-speed automatic. via

Is a Celica rear wheel drive?

The Toyota Celica (/ˈsɛlɪkə/ or /sɛˈliːkə/) (Japanese: トヨタ・セリカ, Hepburn: Toyota Serika) is an automobile produced by Toyota from 1970 until 2006.

Toyota Celica
Layout Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (1970–1985) Front-engine, front-wheel-drive (1985–2006) Front-engine, four-wheel-drive (GT-Four, 1986–1999)


Is Toyota Celica expensive to maintain?

Toyota Celica auto repair and maintenance costs

The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Toyota Celica ranges from $95 to $2359, with an average of $299. via

How much is a 1989 Toyota Celica worth?

Values typically dip sharply after the initial new sale, then again at 100,000 miles or 5 years.
When to Sell?

Mileage Avg
180k 1,116
190k 1,051


How fast does a 2000 Toyota Celica go?

The 2000 Toyota Celica GT is a very fast car.In order to accelerate this Celica GT to 62 mph in 8 seconds, it has 173 horsepower built into the 2 Liter 16V Inline 4 gasoline engine. The maximum speed of the car is 139 mph while it runs for 2 seconds. via

Is a 1995 Toyota Celica RWD?

The U.S. models were stripped of that and the Celica was offered with front-wheel-drive only. via

How much oil does a 2003 Toyota Celica take?

Engine Oil

With filter 4.4 quartsCapacity shown is in combination with updated dipstick P/N 15301-22050. via

What's the difference between Celica GT and GTS?

Additional mechanical differences between the two versions include a five-speed manual transmission in the GT, while the GTS has a six-speed. The optional four-speed automatic on the GTS has E-shift, which is a manual operation mode feature with shift-buttons mounted on the steering wheel. via

Does the Toyota Celica GTS have a turbo?

The manifold is home to the big power adder-an IHI AX-1 ball-bearing turbo. Prior to entering the engine, the turbo pushes air through a custom XS Engineering air-to-air intercooler. via

How many Celica GTS are left?

2021 2017


Is a Toyota Celica a collectible?

The Toyota Celica is similar to the Toyota MR2 Spyder in that it was a popular, affordable option with a fun performance. However, some 1980s models are fetching upwards of $30,000 in the right condition in the current market, making this Toyota vintage car a highly-coveted collectible. via

Is the Celica a sports car?

Although a Toyota Celica may not have the power numbers you'd find in a pure sports car, it was marketed and sold as a sports car for younger people. via

Is a Celica a Supra?

The styling of the original Supra was derived from the Toyota Celica, but it was both longer and wider. Starting in mid-1986, the A70 Supra became a separate model from the Celica. In turn, Toyota also stopped using the prefix Celica and named the car Supra.

Toyota Supra
Predecessor Toyota Celica (A20/A30)


How much is insurance for a Toyota Celica?

The average monthly payment to insure the Toyota Celica is $48 a month for standard coverage and $25 a month for minimum coverage. The Toyota Celica that is most affordable to insure is the: 1981 Toyota Celica with an average standard coverage insurance price of $38 a month. via

Is Toyota Celica a good car?

Great Cheap Sports Car

Its a great first sports car. It has enough power to make it fun to drive but not too dangerous. It is a good car for backroading or for any other sports car activities. Its also an extremely reliable car, the engine is the same one in the corolla. via

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