What size tires will fit f150 with leveling kit?

If you are prepared to fit a leveling kit, you can squeeze a 35″x12. 5″, 18”x9” AT tire on. It might require minor plastic trimming around the wheel well area, however, there is no rubbing or scrubbing with this combo. via

How much does it cost to level a f150?

Pricing & Installation

If you're looking for the more budget-friendly option, leveling kits are the way to go. Generally speaking, leveling kits cost around $100 to $250. Lift kits, on the other hand, can run you anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000 – your final price will depend on the ride height and quality you desire. via

How much does it cost to lift a f150?

Lift kits will cost around $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the height and ride quality you desire. via

Can you fit 35 inch tires on a stock F-150?

Fitting 35” tires do not require a crazy amount of modifications. It starts with an aftermarket suspension with the minimum lift of 2.5” inches, and 3 inches is recommended for off-road. You will require a lift, negative offset rims and you'll need to do some other modifications, which you can read in more detail here. via

What size tires will fit 2004 F-150 with leveling kit?

1. Leveling Kit. If your F150 currently has a leveling kit installed, then you should be able to fit a 9 wide wheel with a 33x11 tire (285/65 or 275/70). via

Can a leveling kit hurt your truck?

Your truck's suspension could wear out faster.

Leveling kits for a truck can also place more pressure on your suspension components. The added stress from the modification could make them wear out at a faster rate compared to the usual wear-and-tear that they'd experience. via

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