How much does a 2005 Acura TL cost?

Prices for a used 2005 Acura TL currently range from $3,495 to $10,990, with vehicle mileage ranging from 81,635 to 270,795. via

What engine does a 2005 TL have?

The TL is powered by an aluminum-alloy 3.2-liter V-6 that uses advanced Acura technology to provide an exceptionally high level of power and refinement. The VTEC V-6 generates 270 horsepower and 238 lbs-ft of torque. via

Is the 2005 Acura TL reliable?

Reliable and dependable. Base models are even well equipped so even at that baee model, they have a lot. Luxury and speed in one car. Run much smoother than a honda as I owned several of both. via

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