How much does an alternator cost for a Chevy Avalanche?

The average cost for a Chevrolet Avalanche 1500 alternator replacement is between $347 and $643. Labor costs are estimated between $62 and $78 while parts are priced between $286 and $565. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. via

How much does a 2006 Chevy Avalanche cost?

2006 Chevrolet Avalanche Value - $2,722-$7,297 | Edmunds. via

Are Chevy Avalanche good for towing?

Towing and Hauling

While it's not the best choice if you're a contractor looking for a heavy-duty workhorse, the Avalanche can easily handle most tasks that weekend warriors send its way. Its 5.3-liter V8 can tow up to 8,100 pounds, and can haul a payload of up to 1,231 pounds. via

How big is the gas tank on a 2006 Chevy Avalanche?

31.0 gal

Fuel & MPG
EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy) 13/17 MPG
Combined MPG 14 MPG
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 403.0/527.0 mi.
Fuel tank capacity 31.0 gal.


How many tons does a Chevy Avalanche weigh?

Chevrolet Avalanche comes in two weight ranges: 1500 (often referred to as half-ton) and the 2500 (three-quarter ton). Both are offered in 2WD and 4WD. via

How long is the bed of a 2006 Chevy Avalanche?

The rear bumper incorporates steps for easier access to the 5-foot-3-inch cargo box. The Avalanche 1500 can be optioned without body cladding or the bumper steps. via

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