Where is the fuel pump on a Nissan Titan?

Slide under the truck and locate the fuel pump. This is located under the driver's side on Titans. via

What is SCV Navara?

Fuel pressure problems.

The ecm judges fuel amount passing through to the fuel rail by comparing SCV (Suction Control Valve) pulse to actual rail pressure as measured by the rail pressure sensor. With these calculations the ecm can determine if fuel delivery is out of range with the comparison of expected vs actual. via

What causes mechanical fuel pump failure?

Once the fuel has been ruled out as a potential cause of the problem, the most common fuel pump issues include a ruptured or leaky diaphragm, failed check valves, and a faulty diaphragm spring. via

How many gallons does a 2005 Titan hold?

Registered. Yea, I have a 2005 KC and my manual says it is a 28 gallon tank. via

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