What kind of headlight does a Mazda 3 take?

2004 – 2020 Mazda 3 LED Bulb

Mazda 3 2004-2009 2019-2020
Low Beam Headlight H7 /
High Beam Headlight 9005 /
Front Fog Light H11, 9006 /
Back Up Light 7440 /


How much does a Mazda 3 headlight cost?

Mazda 3 Headlight Bulb Replacement Cost Estimate. The average cost for a Mazda 3 headlight bulb replacement is between $275 and $285. Labor costs are estimated between $31 and $40 while parts are priced between $244 and $245. via

How do you change the low beam on a 2007 Mazda 3? (video)


How much are Mazda headlights?

The cost of a pair of headlight assembly replacements ranges from $150 to $900 depending on the headlights' brand and features and your Mazda 3's year and trim level. If you don't want to replace a pair of headlights, you can also purchase individual headlight assembly replacement parts. via

How do you change a Mazda 3 indicator bulb? (video)


How do you change a headlight on a 2015 Mazda 3?

  • Open the hood.
  • Located the burned-out light bulb.
  • Disconnect the electrical plug from the light bulb.
  • Using gloves, twist the light bulb to remove it.
  • Install the new light bulb.
  • Push the electrical plug into the light bulb until you hear a click.
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    How do you change a side light bulb on a Mazda 2?

  • Make sure the ignition is switched off, and the headlight switch is off.
  • Remove the cover.
  • Turn the socket and bulb assembly anticlockwise and remove it.
  • Disconnect the bulb from the socket.
  • Install the new bulb in the reverse order of the removal procedure.
  • Insert the cover tabs and install the cover.
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