What is the value of a 2008 Ford F250 Super Duty?

2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Value - $3,939-$19,083 | Edmunds. via

How many miles will a 2008 F-250 last?

Ford brands its largest pickup trucks, F-250 and up, as Super Duty trucks. According to Motor and Wheels, the average Ford Super Duty lasts 200,000 miles. When properly cared for, a Super Duty is likely to last 600,000 miles. via

Is the 2008 F-250 good?

The 2008 Ford F-250 failed to impress consumers and critics

You might purchase a great vehicle, but the odds are not in your favor. The brakes, engine cooling system, and the suspension were all problem areas that received a low-reliability score of one out of five. via

How reliable is a 2008 F-250 diesel?

The 2008 Ford F-250 Super Duty Reliability Rating is 3.5 out of 5. It ranks 21st out of 32 for all car brands. via

Which F250 year is best?

The most reliable Ford F-250 based on ownership reviews is the model that was produced from 1994 through 2003 with the 7.3L V8 diesel engine. This is considered to be one of the best trucks that was ever produced and they still command a premium on the market if you can find one with low mileage. via

How long will a 6.4 diesel last?

In most cases, the engine itself suffers some type of catastrophic failure between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. And because the repair costs on a 6.4L are so high (often double what they would be on a 6.0L Power Stroke), many owners simply walk away from the truck. via

What engine did the 2008 f250 have?

Those choices are the base 5.4-liter Triton V8 with 300 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, the 6.8-liter Triton V-10 with 362 hp and 457 pound-feet, and the 6.4-liter Power Stroke diesel with 350 hp and 650 pound-feet of torque. via

How many miles will a Ford f250 6.4 diesel last?

Consumer Reports projects these trucks may only travel between 65,000 and 119,000 miles before needing major repairs. You can't win 'em all, even when you're one of the world's largest automakers. via

Is the 6.4 a good motor?

Although select engine failures occur here and there, the 6.4L has a pretty good track record so far. While a lot of the '08 to '10 Power Stroke's problems pale in comparison to the 6.0L's, they still have their own unique sets of issues and weaknesses. via

What year F-250 should you avoid?

These are some of the worst years in existence for the Ford F-250. Out of all these years, 2006 came out on top as the worst overall. There are a few critical reasons for this failure, which we will go over later to give you a better understanding of what issues lie behind each of these models. via

What year F-250 has the death wobble?

Ford Death Wobble F250 Class Action Lawsuit Filed in 2019

In 2019, a Ford death wobble F250 class action lawsuit was filed against Ford Motor Company. The lawsuit also includes F350 trucks and is for F250/F350 model years 2005 through 2019. via

Who makes diesel engines for Ford?

Power Stroke is the name used by a family of diesel engines for trucks produced by Ford Motor Company and Navistar International (until 2010) for Ford products since 1994.
Ford Power Stroke engine.

Power Stroke engine
Power output 210–475 hp (157–354 kW)
Torque output 350–1,050 lb⋅ft (475–1,424 N⋅m)


What size diesel engine is in a 2008 Ford f250?

I recently drove a three-quarter-ton two-wheel-drive 2008 Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty with a 350-horsepower, Power Stroke 6.4-liter V-8 diesel (650 pound-feet of torque) and six-speed ZF manual transmission. via

What is the difference between a 2008 F250 and f350? (video)


How much can a 2008 f350 Super Duty tow?

Properly equipped, the 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty can tow up to 15,000 pounds and handle a 23,500-pound Gross Combined Weight Rating (GCWR) when fitted with the optional 4.10 rear axle. via

How much horsepower can a stock 6.4 Powerstroke handle?

As far as the 6.4L's connecting rods are concerned, they're the burliest units to ever reside inside a Power Stroke. With the right combination of air (turbos), fuel (injectors and high pressure fuel pumps) and especially tuning, they're capable of handling more than 900-rwhp and 1,500 lb-ft of torque. via

How many gallons does a 2008 F-250 hold?

38.0 gal

Fuel & MPG
Fuel type Regular unleaded
Range in miles (cty/hwy) 0/0 mi.
Fuel tank capacity 38.0 gal.


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