How long do ignition coils last Honda Accord?

Some coils will last the lifetime of the vehicle, and other may only last 5,000 miles. Most will make it 60,000 miles or more. via

How much is a coil pack for a Honda Accord?

The best part is, our Honda Accord Ignition Coil products start from as little as $21.99. via

How much does it cost to replace a 2008 Honda Accord key?

Replacement Honda Key Information

The average price for parts and programming for a replacement key is $90-140. via

Do Honda Accords have coil packs?

The ignition coils are part of the ignition system in Honda Accord, responsible for amplifying the relatively low battery voltage from 12V to a high voltage of tens of thousands of volts for the spark plugs. via

Does the 2008 Honda Accord have a chip in the key?

This key has an electronic chip (transponder) built into the head of the key that is hidden in the plastic shape of the key. This key will not start your car until it is programmed into your cars computer system. via

How do you program a 2008 Honda Accord key? (video)

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