How much HP does cold air intake add G35?

“This translates to an estimated 20-22 horsepower gain at the flywheel! For G37/G35 Sedan owners, gains are 14 horsepower at the wheels. No other intake for the VQ can match these power gains! “ via

Will a cold air intake increase my gas mileage?

Cold air intakes can improve fuel efficiency by 3-5 MPG, but only to the extent that they deliver more cold air than the stock intake in your vehicle. This can improve MPG but varies based on the component and your vehicle. via

What happens if a cold air intake gets wet?

If your car's air filter gets damp, your engine won't perform as well because water will take up the space meant for air to pass through. But if you run the engine for long enough, the moisture will not harm your car or engine at all. There you go. via

What if water gets in your intake?

What Happens If Water Gets In Intake? Water damages an engine when it gets sucked up through the air intake, which is the most common cause. Hydrolock, or “hydrolock,” occurs when too much water is introduced into the cylinders of your motor, resulting in the pistons freezing and the engine stall. via

Can you flash tune a G35?

The Infiniti G35 3.5 V6 306hp ECU flash is available from VR Tuned. With ECU flashing not only do you gain horsepower and torque, driving characteristics are vastly improved giving you improved throttle response and better driveability. Crank Horsepower Ratings: Stock Power 306hp | 268ft/lbs. via

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