Does a 2010 Ford Fusion have a fuel filter?

The fuel filter is always going to be found between the fuel tank and the engine. For most vehicles, the fuel filter is located inside the top of the fuel tank, right where it connects with the fuel line, although on some cars if might be elsewhere along the fuel line. via

Where is the fuel pump located on a 2010 Ford Fusion? (video)

Does 2010 Ford Fusion have electric power steering?

Check Power Steering Level Ford Fusion (2010-2012) Hybrid 2.5L 4 Cyl. Our research indicates that your vehicle has an electric power steering system ("EPS" or "EPAS"). These systems use an electric motor instead of a hydraulic system and therefore do not have any power steering fluid to leak. via

Where is the fuel filter on a 2011 Ford Fiesta?

The fuel filter in a 2011 Ford Fiesta can be found in the fuel sending unit which is located in the top of the gas tank. The filter is integrated into this sub assembly with the fuel pump and lines. via

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