How much does it cost to replace both u-joints?

The u-joint replacement cost is estimated between $225 and $300. Labor makes up about $100 to $125, while the parts should be between $125 and $200. However, these prices vary based on what make and model vehicle you drive. via

Can I replace u-joints myself?

Replacing these joints is a fairly straightforward job, though it takes some prior experience. To begin, you'll need a universal joint pressing tool. You can also take advantage of the loaner tools program at your local Advance Auto Parts store. Then follow these step-by-step instructions on how to change U joints. via

How do you know if your u-joint needs to be replaced? (video)

How long do u-joints last on a truck?

In most cases, you have to grease your u-joints every 5,000 miles or so. When you fail to service your u-joints on a regular basis, they will fail. You don't have to worry about this problem with maintenance free u-joints. Misalignment: This happens when you change the vehicle's ride height. via

How long does it take to replace U-joints?

On a typical labor book, a U-joint replacement is one or two labor hours, meaning that a $25 part can cost substantially more once someone else installs it for you and charges around $100/hour. via

Will a bad u-joint make a clicking sound?

What does a bad u-joint sound like? A u-joint that's dry (from a lack of grease) or worn out will usually make a cyclical squeaking or clicking sound. Because a typical driveshaft operates around three times faster than the wheels, the noise does not directly correspond to the rotational speed of the tires. via

What happens if u-joint breaks while driving?

Vehicle Cannot Move

When the universal joint breaks down, the driveshaft will drop, no longer able to transfer power. At that point, you may not be able to get away with just a U-joint replacement; the entire driveshaft might need to be changed. via

What causes a universal joint to fail?

Heavy loads, shocks, vibrations due to misalignment, material wear can lead to loose play (backlash) within the bearings which can ultimately lead to joint failure. via

How do you remove and install a u-joint? (video)

How do you replace a u-joint on a drive shaft? (video)

How do you know when you have a bad universal joint? (video)

At what mileage should u-joints be replaced?

There is no service interval for u-joints. Replace them when they start to fail. I've seen stock u-joints (Jeep, and many others) go 150K-200K miles. via

How long do u-joints last f150?

Universal joints can have a lengthy service life if properly maintained, and 100,000 miles is not at all unreasonable to expect. via

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