Does a 2012 Hyundai Veloster have projector headlights?

Black/chrome housing, clear lens. You need all your lights to be functional for safe driving, to see the road and be... Hyundai Veloster Base without Factory Projector Headlights 2012, Brand New OE Replacement Headlight by Replace®. via

What are Hyundai projector headlights?

The projector beam headlights will produce a sharper, more focused beam of light for safer driving at night,... LED Headlights by Spyder®. Improve your vision and your vehicle's appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. via

Does a 2013 Hyundai Veloster have projector headlights?

The Turbo, Remix (NAV) from 2013, and Reflex (NAV) from 2014 and 2015 have the projector style lights, like the yellow picture. via

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