How much are struts for a Volkswagen Jetta?

The average cost for a Volkswagen Jetta suspension shock or strut replacement is between $771 and $895. Labor costs are estimated between $365 and $460 while parts are priced between $406 and $435. via

How do you change struts on a VW Jetta? (video)

How do you change the struts on a 2009 Volkswagen Jetta? (video)

What is a strut spreader?

Description. Audi/Volkswagen Strut Spreader is essential for those looking to remove or install suspension on their later model Audi/VW's. Audi/Volkswagen has designed their front struts to be 'clamped' into place so that even when the strut bolts are removed the strut remains tightly held in place. via

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