Where does the key go in a 2014 Impala? (video)


How do you reset the anti theft system on a 2014 Chevy Impala?

This can be done by disconnecting the battery post and waiting 10 minutes then turning the key to the on position for 10 minutes then turn it off then turn it back on and crank the car up . via

How do you reset the security system on a Chevy Impala?

To reset the alarm all You will need to do is put the key in the ignition of Your car and then let it sit there until the security light on the dash is flashing instead of being on solidly. When that happens You can go ahead and try to crank over the engine and see if it will start. via

How do you unlock a 2014 Impala with a dead battery? (video)


Why is the security light on?

In most cases, the security light means that the car no longer recognizes the key you're using, so you may be able to bypass the problem by using a different key. If a second key doesn't fix the issue and the light is still on, call a trusted mechanic to help you identify the issue and reprogram the anti-theft system. via

Do Impalas have push to start?

2015 Chevrolet Impala How To Operate Push Button Start

Push button start allows you to start your vehicle without having to use your key! via

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