Can I use Dex-cool in a Chrysler?

Chrysler specifically warns against using DexCool in our engines. It can be used in limited quantities for top off, but the OEM coolant is the G-05 type, which has a different additive chemistry from DexCool and the traditional green coolant. Right now, Zerex is the only company that makes an aftermarket G-05 coolant. via

How do you put coolant in a 2015 Chrysler 200? (video)

What antifreeze does my Chrysler 200 use?

Prestone - DEX-COOL 50/50 Antifreeze / Coolant - Gallon (Part No. AF850) via

What kind of coolant does a 2014 Chrysler 200 take?

Notes: Dex-Cool Full Strength Concentrate. Must add distilled water. via

What kind of coolant does a 2016 Chrysler 200 take?

Prestone - All Vehicles 50/50 Antifreeze / Coolant - Gallon (Part No. AF2100) via

Can I use yellow coolant instead of orange?

In pictorial language it says "Do not use orange coolant; yellow coolant is okay." via

Is Mopar orange coolant the same as Dexcool?

Come to find out it's formulation is the same as the latest Dexcool. Same stuff, just different color. via

What happens if you mix Dexcool and regular antifreeze?

Firstly, Dex-Cool and traditional anti-freeze don't mix well. Though they can work together in a pinch, after extended use, they can react and create a gel, which can be very damaging to multiple components of your cooling system. For that reason, the best thing for your Chevy or GM vehicle is to stick with Dex-Cool. via

What happens if you use green coolant instead of orange?

Can You Mix Orange and Green Antifreeze? It's never a good idea to mix two different colors or types of antifreeze. Mixing two formulas won't cause any dangerous reactions or explosions, but it could turn your coolant into a sludgy chemical mixture that won't be able to flow properly through your cooling system. via

How much coolant does a 2015 200 take?

Coolant Capacity 6.7 litre (7.1 qt.) via

What kind of antifreeze does a 2013 Chrysler 200 take?

Notes: Dex-Cool 50/50, Premixed Do Not add water. via

What type of antifreeze does a Chrysler 200 2012 take?


Notes: G05 antifreeze. Ford, Daimler, Chrysler. Full strength concentrate, must add distilled water. via

What type of coolant do you put in a 2012 Chrysler 200?

Zerex 1 Gallon Yellow 50/50 Coolant/Antifreeze. via

What type of coolant does a 2011 Chrysler 200 take?

ZEREX - G05® 50/50 Ready-to-Use Antifreeze / Coolant, 1 Gallon (Part No. ZXG05RU1) via

Is Dex Cool OAT coolant?

Dex-Cool® is an OAT, an ethylene glycol based antifreeze that is nitrite-, borate-, phosphate-, nitrate-, amine-, and silicate-free with the same metal wear protection as an IAT antifreeze. Dex-Cool® is trademarked by GM. via

What is yellow antifreeze for?

Running the engine with only water is going to overheat the engine and will make your life miserable. That's why adding yellow antifreeze is the best way to deal with cooling issues. via

Can I use green coolant instead of yellow?

Just use the Prestone coolant that says it is for everything. it is yellow/greenish (more yellow), and it has the required additive that allow it to work in just about any type of vehicle. You can hit any of the auto parts stores and get Prestone all-in-one or whatever they call it. via

What color is Mopar engine coolant?

It turned out that Mopar 10 year coolants are purple while Fiat 10 year coolants are orange, according to another tech. via

Can you mix Mopar antifreeze?

Mixing engine coolant (antifreeze) types is not recommended and can result in cooling system damage. via

Is Dexcool antifreeze orange?

Peak Dexcool Concentrate Orange Antifreeze is made for use in GM cars and trucks requiring a Dex-Cool antifreeze. It is an orange colored ethylene glycol based antifreeze compatible for use in all automobiles, light duty trucks and motorcycles. via

What cars use Dex-Cool antifreeze?

Designed to work with all GM ® vehicles 1995 & newer (GM ®-approved), most Ford ® vehicles 2011-2018 and most Chrysler ® vehicles 2013 & newer. via

Can I use green antifreeze instead of Dexcool?

Engine Materials

Unless a previous owner has used traditional green coolant in your vehicle, using DEX-COOL for an aluminum engine will help minimize corrosion. While traditional green coolant is designed to change color due to corrosion, it does not change color due to corrosion occurring in aluminum engines. via

Can you replace Dex-Cool antifreeze with regular antifreeze?

Do not mix Dex-Cool with regular anti-freeze! Dex-Cool is a specially formulated GM coolant which will not mix with traditional coolants, and was used in various GM applications up through the 2004 model year. via

Is Prestone antifreeze green?

Prestone is yellow, but many other coolant manufacturers use different colours. “These days, there's no real reason for a coolant manufacturer to use a certain colour, so it's not easy for you to know what chemicals are in the coolant just by seeing whether it's blue, green, yellow or orange. via

What kind of oil does a 2015 Chrysler 200 take?

If you have the 2.4L engine you should use 0W-20 multi-viscosity API SN certified oil that meets Chrysler standard MS-6395. If you have the 3.6L engine you should use 5W-20 multi-viscosity API SN certified oil that meets Chrysler standard MS-6395. via

How many quarts does a 2015 Chrysler 200 take?

Capacity: With filter 5.5 quartsAfter refill check oil level. via

How much oil does a 2015 Chrysler 200s 3.6 l take?

Capacity: With filter 5.9 quartsAfter refill check oil level. via

Can you use OAT coolant in all vehicles?

Yes. Prestone is an OAT coolant/antifreeze but also contains anti-corrosion ingredients to protect your cooling system. It can be used in all cars effectively, offering the same levels of protection, and without any damage. via

Is all OAT coolant the same?

The most common type of OAT coolant is Dex Cool, which is dyed orange. Other manufacturers, such as late-model VW/Audi (pink or red), late model Dodge/Chrysler (purple) and Honda (dark green) also use OAT technology. OAT won't protect brass and copper components used in earlier model cooling systems. via

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