What does cylinder head temperature sensor do?

The sensor's purpose is to measure the cylinder head temperature and to signal the vehicle's operator if an engine overheats (that is, if an engine over-temperature is taking place). The engine will be in danger of permanent damage if it continues to run at an elevated temperature. via

Why does my temp gauge go up while driving?

Low coolant, a clogged radiator, bad water pump, and a handful of other things could all be a potential issue. Replacing a thermostat is much easier than replacing an engine, so keep an eye on your temperature gauge. via

Can a bad temperature sensor cause fan not working?

A broken coolant temperature sensor can also make the radiator fan not work as well. When this sensor fails it may cause overheating in the process. This sensor may also relate to other different symptoms as well. via

Will a bad temperature sensor cause a misfire?

Your engine runs poorly: The sensor affects almost every aspect of engine management. A bad one can easily cause a misfire or poor engine performance. 5. Increased emissions: If the sensor sends a faulty “cold” reading, the engine will run rich. via

What is the code P1131 Ford?

In short, a P1131 Ford code indicates an issue with the O2 sensor in a Ford vehicle. The job of the O2 sensor is to calculate the volume of oxygen in the exhaust and decide whether the fuel-to-air ratio in the cylinder is too lean or too rich. via

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