Why is my check engine light on 2016 Ford Fusion?

If the check engine light in your 2016 Ford Fusion starts flashing, that means that the problem needs sudden attention and your Ford should be brought in quickly. This glaring light frequently implies a strict engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be drained into the exhaust system. via

How many miles do Ford Fusions last?

A well-maintained Ford Fusion can last for over 200,000 miles. If you drive an average of 12,000 miles per year, that's around 17 years on the road. J.D. Power and Consumer Reports claim Ford Fusions can even go longer. The average miles you can put on Ford Fusion cars is around 250,000. via

Why would the check engine light come on in Ford Fusion?

2018 Ford Fusion Check Engine Light Flashing

Individual prevailing reasons for a Check Engine Light are faulty emissions control part, dirty mass airflow sensor, a malfunction with the fuel injection system, damaged oxygen sensor, faulty head gasket, or defective spark plugs to name a few. via

How do you clear the code on a Ford Fusion?

An old 2017 Ford fusion will have an engine light that needs to be reset by running it three times over the car after securing your key into it, restarting, and then setting it off again for a couple of seconds. Once you've done this, drive the car as usual after another two repeats. via

Why does my Ford Fusion keep shutting off?

Common reasons for this to happen:

Low fuel pressure, dirty or defective fuel injectors, or broken fuel pump: The fuel pump is responsible for transferring fuel from the tank to the engine. via

Is 2016 Ford Fusion a good car?

The 2016 Ford Fusion is a good used midsize car , but it struggles to keep pace with better competitors. The Fusion has lively handling, a handsome interior, and strong available engines – just stay away from the base motor. Few competitors rival the Ford in these areas. via

Why is my engine light on in my 2017 Ford Fusion?

If the check engine light in your 2017 Ford Fusion starts flashing, that means that the problem needs prompt attention and your Ford should be brought in suddenly. This blinking light frequently illustrates a rigorous engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be dumped into the exhaust system. via

Does Ford Fusion have a catalytic converter?

Your vehicle may fail its next emissions test without a functioning catalytic converter to break down toxic exhaust gases. Avoid this by getting an OE replacement Ford Fusion catalytic converter at CarParts.com as soon as possible. via

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2014 Ford Fusion? (video)


Can I put premium gas in my Ford Fusion?

Although “Premium” gasoline is recommended not to be used in your Ford Fusion, but when the Ecoboost engine was introduced in this series of Ford, it was then allowed to use “Premium” gasoline (with octane number 91 or higher) but only for heavy load works like towing. via

Are Ford Fusions bad on gas?

Engine and Fuel Economy

The Ford Fusion has a decent engine and gas mileage that matches its competitors like the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry. The 2020 base model comes with a 2.5-liter, 175-horsepower 4-cylinder that gives 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. via

Can a 2016 Ford Fusion use unleaded 88?

Unleaded 88 has been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in all 2001 and newer cars, trucks and SUVs. EPA estimates that over 90% of gasoline sold goes into model year 2001 and newer vehicles. via

Where is the factory code for Ford Fusion?

You can find the factory-set five-digit Keyless Entry code on a wallet-sized card (see image below) that was provided with the Owner's Manual for your vehicle. via

How do you permanently delete engine codes?

The only way to clear a PDTC is to fix the underlying problem with the vehicle that originally caused the PDTC and its corresponding DTC to set, and then allow the vehicle sufficient drive time to re-run the monitor that identified the problem in the first place. via

What are the recalls on Ford Fusion?

The Details

Vehicles recalled: 2014 and 2015 Ford Fusion, 2014 and 2015 Lincoln MKZ, and 2015 Ford Mustang. The problem: High humidity, heat, and/or exposure to salt air could cause the brake pedal bumper to corrode and detach from the brake pedal. via

Why would a car just stop running while driving?

Summary. There are several possible reasons why an engine might suddenly stop. These include an empty fuel tank, a faulty crankshaft sensor, or a faulty alternator. Whatever the cause, if it happens, it is important not to panic and to move to the side of the road and the nearest safe spot. via

Is there any recalls on 2016 Ford Fusion?

Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2016 Ford Fusion vehicles manufactured from March 10, 2016, through March 16, 2016. The front driver seat track assembly's rear riser may have been improperly welded to the seat track rail, and as a result, the driver may not be adequately restrained in a crash. via

Does the 2016 Ford Fusion have transmission problems?

In July of 2018, Ford issued a recall related to the 2016 Ford Fusion's powertrain with a six-speed automatic transmission. In these vehicles, the bushing that links the transmission shifter cable to the transmission may damage. Over time, it may degrade, leading to the bushing detaching from the transmission fully. via

Are Ford Fusions bad?

The 2020 Ford Fusion is a well-rounded sedan with spirited handling and a roomy cabin, but its fuel economy is below average, and it has the lowest safety score in the midsize car class. via

How many miles does a 2016 Ford Fusion get?

With up to 21 miles on a charge, the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid could go for weeks without refueling. However, the gasoline engine has its back, allowing up to five folks to travel 620 miles on a road trip before refueling. The Ford Fusion offers a 4-cylinder engine in every model, including the hybrids. via

What is the difference between Ford Fusion S and SE?

One key difference between the S and SE trims of the 2020 Ford fusion is the powertrains. The S has a 2.5L engine while the SE comes with a standard 1.5L EcoBoost® engine. The 2020 Ford Fusion S includes SiriusXM® Satellite Radio and a reverse-sensing system while the S does not. via

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2017 Ford Fusion?

Turn the car over 3 times to reset the engine light for a 2017. Press and hold your key in the ignition for at least a second, turn the engine on for 2 seconds, then pull it off. After this, drive the car normally two more times. via

How do you turn off the check engine light on a 2017 Ford Focus?

The check engine light on your 2017 Ford Focus will usually shut itself off if the issue or code that caused it to turn on is fixed. For example, if the cause of your check engine light coming on was a loose gas cap, if it's tightened, the light will turn itself off. via

How much does it cost to replace a catalytic converter in a Ford Fusion?

The average cost for a Ford Fusion catalytic converter replacement is between $1,392 and $1,418. Labor costs are estimated between $97 and $123 while parts are priced at $1,295. via

How long do Ford catalytic converters last?

The catalytic converter, which converts harmful emissions into harmless gas, often lasts 10 years or longer and should be replaced only when needed. It can become clogged, physically damaged, or contaminated by oil or engine coolant. It can also overheat. via

Does a 2016 Ford Fusion have a catalytic converter?

Your 2016 Ford Fusion might be the best vehicle you've ever owned. Or you may just be struggling to keep it highway-approved. No matter the situation, Advance Auto Parts has the Catalytic Converter product you desperately need. via

How do you reset the code on a 2015 Ford Fusion? (video)


What does the check engine light look like in a 2012 Ford Fusion?

If the check engine light in your 2012 Ford Fusion starts flashing, that means that the problem needs quick attention and your Ford should be transported in urgently. This glaring light usually implies a severe engine misfire allowing unburned fuel to be discharged into the exhaust system. via

How do you change spark plugs on a 2015 Ford Fusion? (video)


What type of gas goes in a 2016 Ford Fusion?

Regular Gasoline

Vehicle EPA Fuel Economy MSRP
2016 Ford Fusion FWD 2.5 L, 4 cyl, Automatic (S6), Regular Gasoline
26 MPG 22 33 combined city/hwy city hwy 3.8 gal/100 mi $22,750–$31,270
2016 Ford Fusion AWD 2.0 L, 4 cyl, Automatic (S6), Turbo, Regular Gasoline
25 MPG 22 31 combined city/hwy city hwy 4 gal/100 mi $28,115–$33,270


Can I put 88 gas in my Ford Fusion?

All gasoline and flex fuel vehicles 2001 and newer can use Unleaded 88. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tested and approved the use of this fuel in all light-duty vehicles made in 2001 and later*. via

Can I put E85 in my Ford Fusion?

- These maps are safe to run on an otheriwse stock Ecoboost Ford Fusion. That being said, performance will increase as you add modifications such as intercoolers, intakes, exhausts, or by-pass valves. Filling up with ONLY E85 is not recommended and may cause deposits to form on the high pressure fuel pump. via

Why does my Ford Fusion burn so much gas?

Clogged Fuel Filter: A clogged fuel filter will also cause problems with gas mileage. The fuel filter screens out contaminants in the fuel, and over time it will become clogged. Fuel filters need to be replaced periodically. via

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