How much does the GMC Sierra tailgate cost?

The SLE and Elevation trims are the ones newly given the swiss-army tailgate as standard. Even though the entry-level was left out of the new standard feature implementation, customers can now get it as a $595 option. via

Can you buy the new GMC tailgate?

The latest 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 extends the availability MultiPro tailgate to the SLE and Elevation trim levels, making the feature standard across the GMC Sierra 1500 lineup, with the exception of the base-level Sierra, which now offers the feature as an available option for $595. via

Will a 2019 GMC tailgate fit a 2016?

These trucks are from the same generation so yes it is a possibility. A tailgate should be an easy thing to trial fit. via

Why are GMC trucks more expensive than Chevy?

GMC models are more expensive because the brand tends to target the luxury market. Chevy is aimed at the mass market while the message offered by GMC is to stand apart and not be “one of the herd.” The more exclusive vibes and luxurious touches of GMC models mean the cost of the vehicles tend to be higher as well. via

What trucks have new tailgates?

The 2019 GMC Sierra introduces the MultiPro Tailgate – a new kind of pickup truck tailgate that represents “the segment's most innovative tailgate ever”, according to GMC. via

Are new GMC trucks aluminum?

With this change, the truck's overall weight was reduced by 450 pounds. Interestingly, it's also 350 pounds lighter than the current F-150. On the latest RAM 1500, only the tailgate and the hood are made entirely out of aluminum. Thanks to this, the full-size RAM truck lost 225 pounds. via

How much extra is the multi flex tailgate?

The tailgate is available for $445 on the Silverado 1500 half-ton pickup. via

What is GMC MultiPro tailgate?

Although it can be positioned for use in several different ways, Sierra's MultiPro Tailgate is essentially two tailgates in one. MultiPro's design consists of the primary gate – which is hinged like a conventional tailgate – and a smaller inner gate, which is hinged within the primary gate panel itself. via

What is Silverado MultiPro tailgate?

If you opt for the MultiPro tailgate on your new GMC Sierra, the tailgate essentially folds out to reveal another mini tailgate for workstation purposes and there are extra functions for second-tier loading. via

Are GMC trucks overpriced?

GMC truck models are so expensive first of all because their target customers are looking for luxury vehicles. On average, a GMC truck is $50,000 and it suggests the idea of exclusivity. Second, GMC is the highest-rated premium brand on the Satisfaction Index, according to JD Power. via

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