Does a Ram 2500 have struts?

The average cost for a Dodge Ram 2500 suspension shock or strut replacement is between $335 and $360. Labor costs are estimated between $78 and $98 while parts are priced between $258 and $262. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. via

What is my 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 worth?

2016 Ram 2500 Value - $17,928-$52,054 | Edmunds. via

How long do rear truck shocks last?

“With heavy use, you could be looking to replace them at 40,000 or 50,000 miles or sooner. Under normal conditions, 75,000 to 90,000 miles might be reasonable.” via

When should I replace rear shocks on my truck?

Generally, shocks and struts wear out every 50,000-100,000 miles. If you're a more aggressive driver and/or frequently drive on rough roads, they will wear out faster. Shocks and struts don't go out all at once; they deteriorate slowly over time. via

How much horsepower does a 2016 6.7 Cummins have?

The 6.7-Liter Cummins engine comes with the same two transmissions, and tows up to 29,600 pounds. This engine produces 325 horsepower, and 750 lb-ft of torque. via

How much can a 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins tow?

The 6.4 HEMI V8 bumps up to a maximum towing capacity of 16,320 lbs. The extra torque in the 800 lb-ft of torque Cummins Turbo Diesel engine delivers Best-in-Class maximum towing capacity of 17,980 pounds. via

How long do Rancho shocks last?

Rancho RS9000XL Longevity & Durability

There's quite a big range of feedback regarding how long these Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable shocks last, ranging from 50-100k miles. The adjustability of them really go a long way in dialing in the handling or comfort, depending on what the driver needs. via

Do Bilstein 5100 help with towing?

A safe and dependable shock upgrade for towing are Bilstein 4600/5100 series, KYB monomax, Rancho RS7MT, Rancho RS9000XL. All of which have their pros and cons. We typically recommend Bilstein since the digressive valving nature of the shocks provide the most aid in vehicle handling. via

How do I increase the payload on my Ram 2500?

The only way to boost the payload rating is to take weight off the truck: removing the rear seat or bumper, using lighter wheels and/or tires that meet gross axle weight rating requirements, and so on. via

Can a RAM 2500 pull a fifth wheel?

Whether you're looking to pull a travel trailer or standard-size fifth wheel, the Ram 2500 can handle it. The generous towing specifications can easily cause you to forget you're even towing your camper! via

How much weight can I put in the bed of my 2016 Ram 2500?

When equipped with the first engine option, the 2020 RAM 2500 can haul 4,010 pounds in the bed and inside of the cabin. On the other hand, the available engine can carry up to 3,160 pounds. Now, when it comes to towing, the only way this incredible amount can be achieved is when the truck is properly configured. via

What kind of gas mileage does the 6.4 Hemi get?

The 2020 Ram HD 2500 6.4L Gas

It also has MDS (cylinder deactivation) grill shutters and a 3.73 rear end. All of those factors help a little bit with efficiency. Over 1,051.8 total miles, the Ram averaged 15.4 mpg. via

How much tongue weight can a Dodge Ram 2500 hold?

The maximum tongue weight for Class V receiver hitch is limited to 1800lb. via

How do I know if my rear shocks are bad on my truck?

  • Instability at highway speeds.
  • Vehicle “tips” to one side in turns.
  • The front end dives more than expected during hard braking.
  • Rear-end squat during acceleration.
  • Tires bouncing excessively.
  • Unusual tire wear.
  • Leaking fluid on the exterior of shocks or struts.
  • via

    How long do shocks last on Ram 2500?

    Struts and shocks may need to be replaced anywhere between 50k and 100k miles. via

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