Are front fog lights mandatory?

Front fog lights are not a legal requirement, but if your car has them you should only use them when visibility is severely restricted. via

Can you add front fog lights to a car?

Most vehicles have fog lights located on the front bumper. Some drivers may choose to install fog lights on the grill or on a rack above the front of the vehicle. This is typically done with trucks or SUVs, but bumper-mounted fog lights are just as effective on these types of vehicles. via

Can you retrofit fog lights?

Hi, front fog lights are petty easy to retrofit. You need to buy the fog lights, some wiring and change the standard light switch on the panel. via

How do you connect LED cubes to fog lights? (video)

How much does it cost to install light bar?

Light Bar. A light bar is a specific type of under-cabinet lighting, and most light bars cost between $20 to $300 for the fixture itself. The average cost to install under cabinet lighting is $265 per fixture, but it really depends on the fixture and the electrical work required. via

How do you wire a spotlight switch? (video)

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