How do you jack up a 2017 Ford f150?

To lift the front end of the truck for a tire change or any other work, place the jack underneath the frame rail. Increase the height of the jack until the vehicle is at the desired height. Then, place a jack stand underneath the frame rail. Lower the truck on the jack stand and remove the spare tire jack. via

Where is the jack in a 2018 Ford F150?

Grab your tool kit and jack.

These tools are located behind the second-row seats opposite the driver's side of the vehicle. via

How do you put a jack back in a 2018 F150? (video)

Where is the jack on a 2017 f250?

Finally found the jack behind the passenger side rear seat. To access, pull out on a strap on the right side of the seat back and pull the seat down. The handles/cranks are under the driver side rear seat. 10 people found this helpful. via

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