How many spark plugs does a 6.2 Raptor have?

This is because there are 16 spark plugs on this engine, one upper and one lower per cylinder. via

How much horsepower does a Ford Raptor 6.2 liter have?

It uses a 6.2 L V8 engine rated at 500 hp (370 kW). via

What cubic inch is a 6.2 Ford?

The 6.2 L (379 cu in) V8 is the main variant of the Boss engine. via

How many miles can a Ford Raptor last?

In general, most Raptors can be expected to last up to around 300,000 miles. But again, it's a rough estimate at best. Something to also keep in mind is the fact that the oldest Raptors to date have only been around for 11 years, so tracking one down that's banked more than 100,000 miles is rare. via

How much is a tune-up on a Ford F-150?

How Much is a Tune-Up on a Ford F-150?
Are Ford F-150 Expensive to Maintain?

F-150 Maintenance Cost
Tune-up $350 – $450
Insurance $1884 / year (average)


How much should I pay to get spark plugs changed?

You can pay between $16 and $100 for a set of spark plugs, depending on the type of plugs you need and the number of cylinders your engine has. And when figuring out the price, it helps to remember that some specialty engines use two spark plugs per cylinder. via

How easy is it to break a spark plug? (video)

How hard is it to break a spark plug?

Typically spark plugs are not difficult to remove as long as the plugs are replaced on a regular basis. But spark plugs can break off, particularly in engines that have been sitting for long periods of time. This is why you hear the plight of broken plugs being raised by antique tractor restorers. via

What happens if you break a spark plug off?

If the broken spark plug gets shattered, especially the ceramic part, under no circumstances should you try to start your engine. This can instantly cause irreversible damage and instead of just removing the cylinder head, you'll need to rebuild the entire motor. via

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