How much does it cost to replace a VW Jetta bumper?

According to Cost Helper, a new bumper for a passenger car can cost anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Installation and painting the new bumper can cost between $200 and $600. Bumpers for pickup trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicles will have higher costs. via

What is different about the Jetta R-line?

The R-Line offers unique styling cues and larger wheels. And each of these models offers subtly different interior seating options. The SE and R-Line models also come standard with Driver Assistance features like Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking, and a Blind Spot Monitor. via

What is the difference between Jetta R-line and SEL?

The R-Line provides a sportier version of the Jetta, while the SE and SEL trims offer access to features not available on lower trims. via

What's the difference between SEL and R-line?

The biggest difference between the Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line trim levels is the SEL Premium R-Line offers AWD handling, a higher starting price, and an upgraded audio system. The SE R-Line Black offers a slightly larger engine for a higher combined estimated mpg rating. via

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