How big is a 2020 Honda Civic trunk?

Coupes have 11.9- or 12.1-cubic-foot trunks. Sedans have 15.1- or 14.7-cubic-foot trunks, which is above average. Finally, the hatchback provides a maximum 46.2 cubic feet of space, while space behind the hatchback's rear seats varies, depending on trim: 22.6 or 25.7 cubic feet. via

How much can you fit in a Honda Civic trunk?

As for the Civic hatchback, you'll have 25.7 cubic feet of standard cargo space in the LX, EX, and EX-L Navi trim levels. The Civic Sport hatchback and the Civic Sport Touring hatchback boast 22.6 cubic feet of trunk space, which is slightly less, in order to accommodate their high-powered sporty equipment. via

How big is the Civic Hatchback trunk?

With a wheelbase of 106.3 inches and total length of the vehicle coming in at 177.9 inches long, the Civic Hatchback interior has plenty of space for storage and passengers alike. The LX & EX trim levels coming in at 70.8 inches wide and 56.5 inches tall, it has 25.7 cubic feet of trunk storing space. via

How much room is in the back of a Honda Civic?

The Honda Civic Hatchback cabin seats up to 5 passengers in two rows of seating. All trim levels have 37.4 inches in rear head space, 36 inches in rear leg space and 42.3 inches in front legroom. The LX & Sport models offer 39.3 inches in head space compared to the 37.6 inches of headroom the EX & Sport Touring offer. via

How big is a 2022 Civic trunk?

The 2022 Civic trunk measures about 14.8 cubic feet of space. This is close to most midsize sedans, which is excellent for the compact car class. via

Do the back seats fold down in a 2020 Honda Civic?

The 2020 Honda Civic trunk measures in at 15.1 cubic feet, offering enough space for weekend luggage and shopping bags. The fold-down rear seats in the 2020 Honda Civic allow drivers to easily expand the cargo space to make room for longer, bulkier items. via

How spacious is the Honda Civic?

The Civic sedan comes standard with a one-piece folding second row; 60/40 split-folding rear seats are optional. The redesigned Civic hatchback has 24.5 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats, and the second row can fold down to open up an even larger storage area. via

How big is the Honda Fit trunk?

With 16.6 cubic feet of space, the Fit has more cargo room than many subcompact cars. Folding down the second row opens a maximum cargo capacity of 52.7 cubic feet. via

Can you fit a 55 inch TV in a Honda Civic?

Senior Member. Well the tv fit pretty easily . I was surprised . via

How many suitcases can a Honda Civic fit?

Even if you do not fold the back seat, you can store three medium-size suitcases and four small-size suitcases. With this luggage, the maximum number of passengers is five. via

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Does a Honda Civic have a big trunk?

Despite not having a proper trunk, the Civic Hatchback is more versatile than the Civic Sedan, offering a voluminous 24.5 cubic feet or roughly 693 liters of maximum cargo capacity behind the rear seats. That's significantly more than the Civic Sedan's 14.8 cu-ft or 419 liters of maximum trunk space. via

Does Honda Civic hatchback have a cargo cover?

To help keep valuable items out of sight when the car is unattended, all models come with a removable, smartly designed cargo cover. Instead of a design that unfurls from front to back, the Civic Hatchback cover is designed to stretch sideways across the cargo area—a snap to use for people of all sizes. via

What is the difference between Honda Civic sedan and hatchback?

Although the 2018 Honda Civic is a five-seater, the Hatchback and Sedan differ in the amount of interior space they offer. Both body styles have four doors and two rows of seats. However, while the Sedan has a trunk for cargo space, the Hatchback relies on a liftback, which functions as a fifth door. via

How big is the trunk of a Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord has a 16.7-cubic-foot trunk. That's larger than average for a midsize car, and it makes loading and unloading cargo a cinch. The rear seats can fold, making it easier to fit long items. via

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How do you get to the trunk of the backseat of a Honda Civic?

The back of the rear seat folds down to give you direct access to the trunk. Each side folds down separately. With only half the seal folded, you can still carry a passenger in the back seat. via

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How long is the cargo space in a Honda Fit?

2019 Honda Fit Cargo

Cargo Volume (Rear Seats Up) Cargo Volume (Rear Seats Flat)
2019 Honda Fit 16.6 cu. ft. 52.7 cu. ft.


Does a Honda Fit have a trunk?

Now, in terms of the Honda Fit, it doesn't actually have a trunk—it has a hatchback, which may better suit your needs. With the back seats in the upright position, the Fit has 16.6 cubic square feet of storage space, plenty of room for your luggage. via

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Can I fit a 58 TV in my car?


In terms of all flat-screens, A says that he's found that most sedans and SUVs can fit up to 43″ TVs across the back seat without a problem. Sets in the 50″ to 55″ range will likely not fit across any rear seats and probably won't fit in the back of smaller SUVs, at least standing upright. via

How many suitcases fit in a sedan?

You can expect to comfortably fit 3-4 medium-sized bags or suitcases in a mid-size rental car. via

Will a bicycle fit in a Honda Civic hatchback?

Senior Member. It'll work, but unless you're using a bolt-thru hub, modern quick-release wheels are easy to take off anyway. via

Will a peloton fit in a CRV?

I fit a used peloton last summer in a Honda CRV—you will be more than fine—I bet even with just the third row down. The handlebar/stem and screen comes all the way off. Just be sure to really tighten it up when you get home and retighten in a week or so after use. via

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