How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a WRX?

By channeling outside air directly into the compressor, this 50-state legal cold air intake system creates a pre-cooled air charge that allows the EJ255 2.5L and EJ257 2.5L to make more horsepower and torque at lower RPMs. In fact, dyno testing on a 2008 Subaru WRX STi revealed an estimated increase of 36-hp. via

Can you put a cold air intake on a WRX?

Add more horsepower to your Subaru WRX with a K&N cold air intake system. K&N Subaru WRX cold air intakes are easy to install and add power & acceleration while protecting the vehicle's engine. via

Does cold air intake void warranty WRX?

Will a Cold air Intake Void my factory warranty? No. In the United States, for the manufacturer of a warranted product (in this case, a vehicle) to void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part (a Cold Air Inductions, Inc. via

What does intake do for WRX?

The stock intake system on your Subaru is intended to reduce intake noise, and intake flow is compromised as a result. An aftermarket intake system can greatly increase the engine's capacity to ingest air, resulting in improved horsepower! via

Is tuning required for cold air intake?

If you're looking to add a cold air intake and tune on your car, the answer is no. You do not need a tune after installing a cold air intake. A cold air intake will give you more horsepower and torque off the line if installed correctly with an exhaust system that has been tuned for it. via

Does a Cobb air intake need a tune?

A: The only thing required for the intake is a custom tune or the Cobb AccessPort and nothing else is needed. Recommendations for other parts will depend on your goals for the car. via

Why do you need a tune for a cold air intake?

Tune-Required Cold Air Intakes

A tune-required cold air intake is the best option to get the most power and performance from your engine. You can get up to 30 hp in gains depending on the intake and vehicle. via

What voids a Subaru WRX warranty?

Abuse or misuse of your Subaru that leads to damage will likely void your warranty. That means damage sustained doing donuts, street racing or other reckless driving won't be covered. You'll also be responsible for bringing your vehicle into our service department for all regularly scheduled service. via

Will a Cobb tune void warranty?

COBB Tuning may void some of the warranty terms on items it uses and/or installs. As a manufacturer of β€œon highway vehicles,” COBB Tuning does not guarantee the legality of any parts it uses and does not assume responsibility for compliance with the factory warranty of the vehicle. via

How much HP can a WRX make?

When you get behind the wheel of the WRX STI and WRX STI Limited models equipped with the standard 2.5-liter DOHC turbocharged engine, you'll receive a whopping 310 horsepower. via

How much power can the WRX handle?

As sphinx said, it will handle cranks up to 400-450 HP. via

Do you need an Accessport to tune a WRX?

You will need the Accessport and OBD-II cable (included with the Accessport) to perform the installation. Make sure the vehicle's ignition is off and the engine is not running. 2. Locate the Subaru's OBD-II port. via

Do you need tune after Catback exhaust STI?

Only when you do a downpipe + catback is when a tune is necessary. For now, you're fine. via

Is the Cobb SF intake CARB legal?

The SF intake can legally be installed for all appropriate applications for road use without fear of being ticketed for modifying your car. All new SF intakes will now carry the CARB-certification sticker. This certification applies to the SF intake system only and does not transfer to other installed parts. via

Does a cold air intake increase turbo noise?

The sound of your car will be louder and more aggressive with a cold air intake. Instead of loudness though, a cold air intake changes the sound of your car engine. You will clearly hear the sound of air flowing into the intake – especially when you rev up the car and then release the throttle. via

What voids a Subaru warranty?

Having parts installed by anyone other than authorized Subaru technicians and neglecting to have regular maintenance performed are two things that can void your warranty--leaving you responsible for maintenance and repair costs for defects. via

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