What is the GMC illumination package?

The new Illumination Package is offered on 2021 GMC Sierra Denali trim levels for an extra $920. With the package equipped, the 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali takes on an even more premium aesthetic, especially at night when the newly lit features can be seen more clearly. via

How do you turn on the dome lights on a 2021 Yukon? (video)


How do I turn off the lights in my GMC? (video)


Why are GMC Yukons so hard to find?

General Motors is at present unable to offer two options for the 2021 Chevy Tahoe, 2021 Chevy Suburban and 2021 GMC Yukon and Yukon XL full-size SUVs owing to the microchip shortage that is affecting the auto industry. via

Does the 2021 Yukon have adjustable pedals?

With a caveat. If you're really quick, you might be able to find a 2020 Chevrolet Suburban, Tahoe or GMC Yukon with adjustable pedals. These models were redesigned for 2021, and the feature was removed. via

How many miles does a Yukon Denali last?

As with any vehicle, maintenance is key to how long the vehicle will last. When maintained, owners should expect to get 250,000 miles out of the SUV, according to reports on GM Inside News forum. Maximum mileage estimates for the Yukon range from 200,000 to 300,000 miles. via

What is the top of the line Yukon?

The top-of-the-line GMC Yukon Denali has a starting MSRP of $70,000. It comes standard with the diesel engine, a dual-outlet exhaust, a power-sliding center console, power-release second-row bucket seats, a 14-speaker Bose stereo, and the contents of the Technology package. via

What is the difference between 2021 and 2022 Yukon?

The 2021 model year had 8-inch digital with analog gauges, but now in the 2022 model year it has grown to 12-inch Digital Information Cluster, giving the driver a better view of the information in the cluster. Also, another update in the 2022 Yukon is the Power Sliding Center Console now becoming standard on Denali. via

What does SLT stand for on a GMC Yukon?

SLT stands for Special Luxury Touring. Most people aim for this trim when they're doing Sunday driving and roadtrips. They happen to be a bit more fuel efficient due to the fact it's built for trips. via

Are Yukons worth it?

These features make the Yukon a great car for large families and those that love to travel. Additionally, Consumer Reports also gave the Yukon a perfect five out of five in categories like front seat comfort, rear seat comfort and noise. The car scored a four out of five in comfort categories of interior fit and ride. via

Does the 2022 Yukon have adjustable pedals?

No, GM trucks don't have adjustable pedals in 2022. via

Do GMC Yukons have adjustable pedals?

The GMC Yukon is an SUV that offers adjustable power pedals to keep your pedals in a comfortable position. The Yukon is best known for its smooth ride due to its first-in-class suspension. via

How many miles is too many on a Yukon?

The GMC Yukon boasts a respectable life expectancy of 200,000 miles, this means it will last approximately 13.5 years based on the average mileage of a US citizen. The vehicle's longevity is dependant on regular maintenance, good driving habits and keeping up to date with the service schedule. via

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