How fast is Slingshot R 2021?

With a curb weight of just 1,653 pounds (1,667 with the automatic), the power-to-weight ratio of 8.1 lb/hp pushes the Slingshot R to 60 miles per hour in just 4.9 seconds. The top speed is limited to 125 miles per hour, but that certainly feels sufficient. via

What Slingshot is the fastest?

The 2019 Slingshot S comes in at 1,680 pounds, 26 pounds extra. Top speed is limited at 125 mph for the 2020 Slingshot, and we only get 0-60 mph sprint times for the meaner and more expensive $30,999 Slingshot R, which can pull it off in 4.9 seconds.

Starting price $30,999
Wheels forged aluminum


What is the most expensive Slingshot?

  • Slingshot S. Starting at $20,799 US MSRP.
  • Slingshot SL. Starting at $26,799 US MSRP.
  • Slingshot SLR. Starting at $29,699 US MSRP.
  • Slingshot R. Starting at $33,299 US MSRP.
  • Slingshot Signature LE. Starting at $35,799 US MSRP.
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    Are slingshots reliable?

    The general consensus is that the Slingshot is in fact very reliable, they're not perfect by any means but there are a lot of owners with significant miles on theirs with little or no issues. via

    Which Slingshot has the most horsepower?

    The Polaris Slingshot R Is a Backwards Tricycle With More Than 200 HP

  • The Polaris Slingshot gets an Automatic Transmission Option for 2020.
  • It has a new engine, too, with up to 203 horsepower.
  • But there's still no heater.
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    Who makes the best Slingshot?

    The 9 Best Slingshots You Can Buy Now

  • Torque Slingshot.
  • Toprade ABS Slingshot with Flat Rubber Band.
  • Daisy Outdoor B52 Slingshot.
  • Friendly Slingshot With 6 Rubber Line.
  • Adjustable Laser Hunting Stainless Steel Slingshot.
  • MoreFarther Pro Adjustable Hunting Steel Slingshot.
  • Scout Hunting Slingshot.
  • COOY Slingshot.
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    How fast can the Slingshot R go?

    If you think that sounds pretty fast, you're right! The top speed is limited to 125 mph for the 2020 Polaris Slingshot. The R trim level versions can make a 0-60 MPH sprint in just 4.9 seconds. via

    What is the most powerful Slingshot you can buy?

    The Hammer is a powerful slingshot for serious slingshot shooters. It is capable of shooting very fast and hard. If banded appropriately, it is one of the best hunting slingshots out there. In fact, it's perfect for hunting. via

    What's the difference between Slingshot R and SL?

    The Slingshot SL lets those who know style take it to the next level with upgraded features and finishes. Dial up the volume, with standout trim and tech. A true showstopper. The Slingshot R is the ultimate statement, with an enhanced, bold paint scheme and the best in features and style. via

    How big is Slingshot gas tank?

    Slingshot Specifications

    Engine Oil 5 qts. (4.75 l) with approximately 4.5 qts. (4.25 l) at oil change
    Fuel 9.8 gallons (37.1 l)
    Fuel Remaining at "Empty" on Gauge Approximately 1.0 gallon (3.8 l)


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