Are drag radials good on street?

Drag radials are an appealing choice for drivers who own street cars that every so often hit up the local strip. They're also attractive for anyone running high horsepower in a cruiser seeking a straight line traction advantage that's often hard to find with a traditional radial performance tire. via

What does P235 60R15 mean?

235/60R15 tire has a section width of 9.3 inches which is the measurement of tire's width from its inner sidewall to its outer sidewall. Rim diameter of 15 inches represents the size of the wheel the tire can be mounted on. via

How wide is 235 tire in inches?

P-Metric Tire Sizes – P-Metric to Inches Conversion Chart

Rim Size P-Metric Size Tread Width
15 Inch 235/75R15 9.25 inches
265/70R15 10.4 inches
16 Inch 225/75R16 8.8 inches
235/85R16 9.25 inches


Can you drive with drag radials?

DOT Drag Radials are not all cut from the same cloth. Some are designed to barely meet the DOT standards and are not for street use (Hoosier), but tires like the Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials are safe for street use, as long as the pavement is dry. via

How many miles can you get on drag radials?

This is true for all types of tires from all-terrain tires to street drag radials. Owners of drag racing cars estimate that they get anywhere from 15,000-30,000 miles on their street drag radials. Street drag radials are constructed differently than typical tires. via

How long do drag slicks last?

Each one is expected to last eight runs, or a bit more than 1.5 miles. The insights here are largely drawn from racing engineer Chuck Hallum's SAE paper, "The Magic of the Drag Tire." The story starts after a burnout to heat the tires' rubber and the full-power run begins. via

What is the difference between a drag slick and a drag radial? (video)

Is a Drag radial A slick? (video)

Why are drag tires bias ply?

Drag radials have a sturdy sidewall for cornering and ride, but they also have a “wrinkle wall” which allows them to absorb some launch power the way a bias ply tire would. This is a result of a softer than usual compound that creates a “soft radial.” via

Can you run drag radials on the front?

They are radials, same as your front so you will have no handling problems. Problems arise when you run a bias ply slick in the back and radial on the front. You just need to run on the back. They are radials, same as your front so you will have no handling problems. via

What do drag tires do?

As indicated by their name, drag radials have a radial carcass designed to maximize off-the-line traction by using a soft compound and a reduced tread depth. Unlike slicks, drag radials maintain a stiff sidewall that ensures stability at high speeds, making them the most streetable of the three types of drag tires. via

What is considered a small tire in drag racing?

With the increased popularity of "small tire racing" and "no prep drag racing", we're proud to introduce several new bias ply slick options. First is the 10.5/28.0-15 (also known as a 28x10. 5 tire). This is the quintessential "small tire" size, and is used on everything from street cars to all out grudge cars. via

What are drag tires made of? (video)

What Tyres are best for drag racing?

The three best street tires for drag racing are the Toyo Proxes R1-R, Nitto NT05R Drag Radial tire, and Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R. All three of these tires can give flawless acceleration and road grip on straightway runs. via

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