How tall is a 265 size tire?

265/70R17 tires are 31.6″ tall, have a section width of 10.4″, and fit wheels with a diameter of 17. The circumference is 99.2″ that translates into 638 revolutions per mile. As a rule, they can be mounted on the wheels with 17″ x 7-9″(LT Tires 7-8.5″) rim width. via

How many inches is a 265 70R18 tire?

What is 265/70R18 in inches?

Metric Inches
Overall Diameter 829 mm 32.6"
Tread Width 265 mm 10.4"
Rim Diameter 457 mm 18"
Sidewall Height 186 mm 7.3"


What does 265 mean in tire size?

265 = Section Width in millimeters (measured at the widest part of the tire from sidewall to sidewall) /60 = Aspect Ratio or section height to width ratio as a percentage. For this example, the side wall is 60% of the section width of the tire (265mm x . 60 = 159mm). Therefore, the sidewall height is 159mm. via

What is the widest tire for a 18x8 inch rim?

yeah 315 (12.6 inches) wide is about the max. via

What is the widest 18 inch tire?

Tire Sizes by Wheel Diameter

18" Options
225/35-18 255/45-18 35X12.5-18
225/40-18 255/50-18 37X12.5-18
225/45-18 255/55-18 37X13.5-18
225/50-18 255/60-18


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