How tall is a 305 65R17?

305/65R17 tires have a diameter of 32.6", a section width of 12.0", and a wheel diameter of 17". The circumference is 102.4" and they have 619 revolutions per mile. via

What's the difference in a 265 tire and a 285 tire?

The larger 285/70R17 tire in the photo above stands over an inch taller and is nearly an inch wider than the 265/70R17 size. The width of the tread is also a half-inch wider. Many late-model domestic trucks accept this difference in size. via

What does C stand for in tire size?

The C-Type tire, on the other hand, is specifically meant as a commercial-rated tire, with a higher load rating for a given size than many LT tires. These C-Type tires will show the letter ā€œCā€ immediately after the wheel diameter in the tire code. Example: 225/75R16C. via

What is the difference between 285 and 295 tires?

The only difference here is the overall diameter, the 285 being just under 33" and the 295 being 33.3". The width is different by . 1 inch so no difference there. via

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