Should I get 6 ton jack stands?

In short: Buy 2-ton (4,000-pound) jack stands only if you have a small light vehicle. Buy 3-ton (6,000-pound) jack stands for a medium to large vehicle or a medium SUV. Buy 5- or 6-ton (10,000 or 12,000-pound) jack stands if you will be routinely working on a truck or large SUV. via

Are 6 ton jack stands taller than 3 ton?

The 3 ton height ranges from 11.5 to 17 inches. The 6 tons go from 15.5 to 24 inches. I initally thought I'd get the 6 ton, since they are probably sturdier and will extend a lot higher. But then I wasn't sure if the 15.5 inch retracted height is too tall for practical use under a C3. via

How much weight can a 6 ton jack stand hold?

Torin BIG RED Steel Jack Stands: 6 Ton (12,000 lb) Capacity, 1 Pair. via

What capacity jack stand do I need?

We recommend choosing a jack rated at roughly the same capacity as the curb weight of the vehicle it is lifting. For example, a 4,000 pound (two ton) SUV would need a two ton jack. While you won't be lifting the entire vehicle at once with the jack, it leaves a healthy safety margin. via

How tall is a 3-ton jack stand?

Capacity: 3-ton. Max. height: 17-11/16” via

How do you use a 6 ton jack stand? (video)

How big of a jack Do I need to lift my truck?

For most sedans and small cars, a two-ton jack will be sufficient for raising a corner. A pickup truck or SUV could require twice that rating (four tons) to give you the margin of safety that you need. via

Was there a recall on Harbor Freight jack stands?

Harbor Freight is recalling a portion of the three-ton jack stands which were used as replacements for a group of defective jack stands it recalled in May 2020. In May, the company recalled 1.7 million of its three- and six-ton jack stands due to a heightened risk of them collapsing while under load. via

How much weight can 4 jack stands hold?

Jack stands can hold a lot more weight than their manufacturers suggest. Without a safety pin in place, the two-ton-rated four-leg jack stand is able to withstand 12,300 pounds (just over six tons) of force before slowly collapsing. via

Can a 3 ton jack stand hold a truck?

Jack stands manufactured after 2015 should be rated in pairs. That is, a pair of three-ton jack stands should together safely support 6000 pounds. via

Is a 3 ton jack enough for a car?

TOM: Yes, you do. Our rule of thumb is that a floor jack needs to be rated for at least three-quarters of a vehicle's gross weight. So, according to our rule, a one-and-a-half-ton (3,000-pound) jack could lift a car that weighs as much as 4,000 pounds -- or two mothers-in-law. via

Can you return jack stands to Walmart?

Walmart advised consumers to stop using the products immediately and to return them to Walmart for a full refund. For more information, call Walmart at 800-925-6278 from 7:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. CT or check Walmart's recall website page. via

How do you put a car on 4 jack stands? (video)

Which jack is best for car?

Compare the best portable car jacks

Car jack Jack Type
Best Overall / Budget Pick Torin Big Red Car Jack Scissor jack
Best Electric Jack ROGTZ Electric scissor jack
Best Low Profile Pro-Lift Floor jack
Best Heavy Lifter Torin Hydraulic LIft Bottle jack


How long do jack stands last?

Always refer to the load rating instructions of your jacks to ensure they can hold the weight above them. A pair of jack stands are typically able to keep 200% of their rated load lifted for ten minutes without any deformation. via

How are jack stands tested?

Separate from that, test standards require that each jack stand must be able to pass a proof load test of 200% of rated capacity for a minimum of ten minutes, with no more than 0.125” reduction in overall height of the jack stand. This is measured after removal of the load. via

How do you make a wooden jack stand? (video)

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