Can you turbo a 328i?

Short answer is yes you can. You will need to do some research on this about what kits are out there and what will work best for you. A faster route with less work or issues would be the supercharger. But of course the benifits are less such as a supercharger uses power to create power meaning less gains. via

What size turbo is on a 328i?

Does Bmw 328I Have Twin Turbo? There are two engines on the 328i. Using TwinPower, BMW produces 260 ponies and 255 ft-lbs of torque between 1,250 and 4,800rpm through their 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo engine. via

How much is a turbo for a 328i BMW?

The average cost for a BMW 328i turbocharger assembly replacement is between $3,555 and $3,791. Labor costs are estimated between $726 and $916 while parts are priced between $2,829 and $2,875. via

Is BMW 328i a v6?

BMW 328i coupes and convertibles have a 230-horsepower, 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine and either a six-speed automatic or six-speed manual transmission. via

Is the 328Xi turbo?

Is The 328Xi Twin Turbo? There are two engines on the 328i, as well as a fuel efficient design. This BMW twin-clock turbocharger generates 240 horsepower from 5,000 – 6,000 rpm and 255 foot-pounds of torque between 1,250 and 4,800rpm from its four- cylinder turbo engines. via

How much boost can a 335i take?

The EVO and STI run somewhere around 18psi max boost from the factory, because of the same reasons. I found an article that says the 335i runs a max of 8.5psi from the factory (which is 0.6bar). I've also found an article claiming stock boost at 8.8psi. via

What engine does my BMW 328i have?

The BMW 328i is equipped with a 230-horsepower engine and a 3.0-liter V6. The engine will have a 0-liter displacement and two transmission choices: one automatic or another manual transmission. Two 335i vehicles offer the same engine as their respective automobiles — a coupe and a convertible. via

Does a 2008 BMW 328i have a turbo?

The Chicago Tribune calls the sedan "a performance machine for those who consider driving an art." Both the inline six-cylinder engine of the 328i and the turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine of the 335i received unanimous acclaim. via

Does the 328i have N52?

BMW's N52 engine is one of its most successful, and most produced inline-6 engines. The N52 was predominately found in the E90 325i, 328i and 330i, and the E60 525i and 528i models, as well as various others such as the 128i, X1, and Z4 to name a few. via

Can you supercharge a BMW 328xi?

The BMW 328i starts of as an amazing car to begin with, the only problem the typical enthusiast may have is the power output. Here at Active Autowerke we have a solution with our BMW 328i Supercharger kit. An amazing 150% power kick that comes along for the ride. via

Does a 2010 BMW 328i have a turbo?

Available engines include a 230-horsepower inline six-cylinder found in the 328i, a 300-horsepower turbocharged inline six in the 335i and the twin-turbodiesel 335d, which produces 265 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. via

Does a 2009 BMW 328i have a turbo?

Its Variable Twin Turbo system uses a small turbocharger initially at low engine speeds—working to avoid turbo lag—and as engine speed increases, the second and larger turbocharger kicks in. via

How long do N54 turbos last?

Turbochargers on the BMW N54, for the most part, last around 100,000 miles before they have to be rebuilt or replaced. It isn't uncommon to hear of cars that have the original turbos still functioning as designed upward of 200,000 miles. via

Which 3 Series BMW has a turbo?

The 3-series offers two smooth and potent gas-powered engines. The 330i features a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that makes 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, and acts like it has even more power than that. via

When did they stop making 328?

The 328i and its M52 engine were updated in 2000 to become the 330i. BMW replaced the engine with the higher-powered M54, effectively ending production of the 328i nameplate until 2006. via

Is the N20 engine reliable?

Although the N20 is a reliable engine overall, the earlier models are plagued with timing chain issues that may be costly to fix. Simply because some engine problems are common does not mean they will indefinitely experience issues on every engine. via

How many miles can a BMW 328i last?

Usually 200,000-250,000 miles with good maintenance. via

What BMW is supercharged?

Infinitas puts the supercharger upstream from the turbocharger, which allows the supercharger to pre-compress the intake air before it enters the supercharger, creating a higher boost pressure and, subsequently, more power.
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Can you supercharge a N52?

ESS is proud to offer the newly developed Gen. 3 E-Charger G1 based supercharger system for the BMW N52 engine family. This supercharger system is designed to offer the customer a very quick and easy, 100% bolt-on installation. With this supercharger system we bump the power output by 80-100 horsepower! via

Why does my turbo whistle?

A "turbo whistle" usually indicates a worn and failing turbo bearing, which is pretty much all there is to go wrong with a turbo. via

Which 3 series is Twin-Turbo?

The base 330i trim comes with one of two engines. The sedan comes with a 255-horsepower twin-turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. The carry-over Sports Wagon and Gran Turismo models have an engine of the same size but with a 248-horsepower rating. Both engines deliver brisk acceleration and gratifying exhaust notes. via

Who makes turbos for BMW?

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe supplies the new BMW M3 and M4 models with its turbocharger technology. The 3-litre S58 engine is equipped with no less than two single scroll turbochargers for added boost for this powerful engine. via

How much horsepower does a twin-turbo BMW have?

The 6-cylinder Twinpower Turbo develops maximum output of 300 hp at 5800 rpm, redlining at 7000 rpm. Peak torque of 300-lb-ft kicks in almost immediately at 1200 rpm. It continues to push you back in your seat all the way to 5000 rpm. via

What year BMW 328i is the most reliable?

If you are looking at a used BMW 3 series then the generation that has the highest overall reliability rating is the 2006 through 2011. If you get one of the 328i sedans or coupes from this era you will have a long-lasting car. via

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